Feb. 18th, 2009

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Today at lunch, my team had a discussion of an engineer on another team which led to a couple interesting observations. Let me stress here that said engineer is not me, and I am totally not just saying that in the "oh, *my friend* was wondering..." way, it's seriously not me, but still I was listening closely. Said engineer is totally brilliant, very competent, a senior engineer on his team, only a few years older than me, and works totally insane hours.

Anyways. Observations.
  1. Guys totally do gossip. (Not that I didn't already know this. But still.)

  2. More seriously -- a conversation snippet. "You know ... if you're young and single and working sixteen hour days, and you keep on working sixteen hour days, the only part that's going to change is 'young'." Which progressed into a discussion of how having a family both supports and limits crazy work habit choices.
    I don't think that having a significant other is the be-all end-all of life, but I think the "single" idea stands for any number of potential other passions and commitments.

  3. "This is his first job, right?" says D.
    "Yeah, it is," J agrees, and they share a knowing look.
    I bite, as I always do. "What do you guys mean?"
    "After your first job -- well, I guess it depends on how you leave your first job, but still -- after a job has broken your heart..." D says, sardonic and serious both.
    "You don't give it away as easily again?" I say, flippant.

So there's that.

Please note that I *am* posting this from home. Meaning I am not at work, meaning I left work before 7 (well, maybe 7:08). Comments off because this is something I am figuring out for myself, and I am likely to react pretty negatively to anyone I perceive as judging my choices, probably way out of proportion to the actual maybe-offense, and you guys are too awesome to yell at for stupid reasons.
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Man, punk songs are so BORING to play. Great fun to listen to, but boring to play. Not necessarily easy -- for instance lots of bass notes really fast but really steady is actually more difficult than it looks, I was just discovering -- but boring. Power chords are boring too. I like things with more than one trick to them.

Actually, maybe what I really mean is that punk is boring to play sober and by yourself (which is my situation generally). Anyone got brilliant counterexamples that I should go check out?


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