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Oh boy, I haven't been this sunburned since our family trip to Disneyland (Disneyworld? I can't keep them straight; the Florida one) when I was nine or ten and hadn't yet had the Fear Of Skin Cancer beat into me. The beach was totally worth it, though. For any fellow Massachusetts people wondering about beach info, anyone afflicted with random curiosity, and personal reference: Back Beach, Rockport. ) I really enjoyed spending a day beaching. Definitely something to do again in the very near future.
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I haven't posted for quite a while; this is because very little has happened -- besides me discovering that this whole 9-5 working as a code monkey thing is tiring, time-consuming, hard work. *sigh* Boy, am I going to hate the real world.

A question and some whining. )

Also -- [livejournal.com profile] beat_the_beaver and I took an exciting trip to the Cambridge River Festival several weekends ago. (Okay, so maybe something has happened besides 9-5ing.) I loved it... a chaos of bright colors and music and people selling overpriced things that are pretty to browse through.

One of the three music tents was sponsored by the Middle East club; it was at this one that we saw (I kid you not) Harry and the Potters perform. We were tragically unimpressed; it looked like two guys and canned midi-quality sound, although a look at their website makes it appear that if we'd hung around past the first song we might have seen actual instruments emerge, which would have been much better. In any event, we were both amused by their intro, at least: "Hi, I'm Harry Potter." "And I'm Harry Potter." "And we're Harry and the Potters." "Our first song is about The Man, and how The Man can't keep rock down. In this case, The Man is Voldemort..." (begin Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock).

Later, we were sitting and watching a few kayaks go down the river (while listening to a Spanish punk rock bank which I liked a lot) when this car comes puttering under the bridge. Under the bridge, not across the bridge -- evidently the couple driving this sucker had somehow modified it to be a boat. It was really fantastic -- you couldn't see any modifications from where we were, they might as well have been driving on land except maybe for the fact that they were steering backwards (Gina pointed out that they'd probably rigged the wheel to the rudder). It was an older car, with that sort of classic look to it, though neither of us were car buffs enough to be able to identify it (we thought you'd like it, [livejournal.com profile] liz_factorial) but it was extremely cool.


Feb. 4th, 2005 11:45 pm
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Went to see Zap! at the Museum of Science -- thoroughly amusing. Loud noises and bright lights and the huge Van de Graff generator which is one of my favorite things ever and bizarre music on a variety of instruments, whee! Practically formulated to hit all my "ooh, cool" buttons in rapid succession. Then the frosh-posse went on a several-hour wander around the museum, which wasn't crowded at all since by that time it was 7:30 or so -- all sorts of fun and big childhood nostalgia. We walked back, furthering my opinion that with every step I take Cambridge gets smaller and smaller. :P Though I really do love being able to get anywhere I need to via walking and/or T'ing -- hurrah!

Classes are going okay -- problem sets all around, of course, tests scheduled and stuff due, onward into the fray and all that. Oh! And (because I am the biggest geek ever) when I saw the Chronicles of Amber comics cheap on ebay I kinda couldn't resist bidding. They came today and I haven't opened them yet, but hopefully they'll be good, or at least so horrible an adaptation that they're funny. ;)

Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are not as strange as they sound, although they could do with more spices (note to self: buy at Star?) and lots more chocolate chips (but everything is better with lots more chocolate chips).

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Jan. 23rd, 2005 04:46 am
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It's snowing outside still -- winter weather advisory and all that jazz -- it's cold and absolutely unbelievably beautiful, piling on every surface in sight and swirling in streetlights and puffing up around feet and everything. I literally skipped back to the dorm earlier, with the occasional twirl and slide added in. So pretty and so fun and hurrah for snow and Massachusetts!


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