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My three-year-old half-brother has a password on his Windows account. Granted, it's one character long. But still.

AWWWW my baby brother is learning good security practices from a young age AWWWWWWWWW.

at home.

May. 28th, 2005 08:00 pm
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Mmm, vacation. I'm getting perilously close to accustomed to 11+ hours of sleep nightly, and also dangerously fascinated with Puzzle Pirates. There's no way this is ending well.

I went and visited LS, my old high school, on Thursday -- my first time back there since I finished working there last summer. The new building looks so much less sterile and dead with people in it and posters tacked up to the walls and the mural reproductions up... it's really nice. Just like the old building, the favorite senior hang-out spot is of course in the very last place that faculty would want it to be. It was the last day for seniors, so there was a stereo blaring and various decorations strewn about the area, and I felt a little guilty that I had no idea who most of this year's seniors are. Said hi to a bunch of people and many teachers -- and hey, is big hair on guys suddenly "in"? 'Cause there were at least two gentlemen I didn't recognize for a moment simply because of the things on their heads -- discovered that this year's Battlebots team had actually won three matches with one of the bots, and surprisingly everything all together didn't really kick off nearly as much of an "awwwwwww I miss this place" reflex as I'd expected.

[livejournal.com profile] liz_factorial and [livejournal.com profile] luminea will be very proud to learn that while clothes-shopping with my stepmom yesterday, I acquired several brightly-colored items of clothing. Which leaves the question of if I'll ever actually feel gutsy enough to wear them. Hopefully... it'd be awfully wasteful otherwise. Also comfy $3 jeans and various summery things.

I'm headed back to school on Monday or Tuesday, I think -- hopefully Monday night -- though I guess I'll probably be back briefly on Thursday evening for LS graduation. I'll try to make Rivers graduation as well, although I'd have to figure out transportation and since it appears to be at 2:00 there's a substantial chance I may not be able to make it.

In other news, my baby brother is still the cutest kid on earth. He is, though, obsessed with racing at the moment ("Race you to the car!" and so forth) which, I learned today, isn't a fabulous thing in grocery stores.
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Back at school, which is almost a relief? I love my family dearly but everyone was even more stressed out than usual with the fire and everything else and I was ready to come back here.

Did you know that canned spaghetti has a best-if-consumed-by date? And that it's seriously there for a reason? I guess in my mind anything that comes in a can will last till the apocalypse if you don't open it, but ... well, not. Yuck.
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Signs that I've been completely infused and inundated and all sorts of other in-words with college-ness: I love my family to bits but I've been home for under 24 hours and I'm already feeling bored and guilty. So maybe I'll bike somewhere tomorrow, or take a walk. Or read all those books on my shelves I've been intending to read or re-read for ages and ages. Or clean my room or get ahead on homework. Or, you know, just stay in bed sleeping all day. Hm.
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So I'm sure you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear how I did on exams, really. Passed everything, hurrah! Don't know all the actual grades yet, but for now I'm happy with just the line of Ps.

How come all of us who just got home from our first time away, at college, are all so completely unhappy to be back? Seriously. I'm feeling the same way too -- much more upset and stressed, and my sleeping habits are getting even more screwed up, to the extent where I'm pretty sure I've spent more time asleep than awake over the last several days. Part of it's probably the normal Christmas stress, shopping and crowds and money and plans and obligations and everything, acting on me and everyone around me as well. For me, I think there's three big places this is coming from. One, being reminded again of all the places I've always messed up, everything I spent high school arguing with my parents about (keeping my room clean, getting my license, dealing with my grandparents) -- I feel like I'm almost expected to solve all this crap that's been hanging around for years in the space of two weeks, as well as deal with all the Christmas stuff, and what happened to going home over vacation to relax? And at the same time there's the whole temporary loss of independence: I can't just randomly decide to go places anymore, there's no T at home and there's not a lot worth walking to in fifteen degree weather; I don't decide when and where and what I want to eat; all that stuff I learned to take for granted awfully quickly. And then there's the obvious not seeing all my college friends for a while -- we'll pause here for everyone to go "awwwwwwwww". ... Okay, got that out of your system? Yeah. So, for those of you who forged through this entire paragraph: think that about sums it up, or are there other factors I'm forgetting about?

(A disclaimer, for family members who may be reading this: I love you all to death, I'm glad to spend time with you, please don't kick me out. It's really not your fault, I think it's just one of those pesky growing-up things. You know?)

In other news, everyone else was doing it. [meme!] )


Nov. 24th, 2004 10:31 pm
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So my mom picks me up from the Framingham commuter rail station this evening to bring me home for Thanksgiving. We're about fifteen minutes from home when her cell phone rings: it's my stepdad, telling us the power is out. Throughout the neighborhood. When we get nearer we get to see the extent of the outage -- blocks and blocks of dark houses. Joy. So we go home, meet up with everyone else, go out to dinner. Get back, two hours later, the power is still out, but only on our street. Call the power company -- they meant to have it back between seven and seven-thirty. It is 7:29. We light the gas burners with matches and drink tea, and then start making the Thanksgiving food than can be a.) made ahead of time and b.) made without electricity. That is, we boil and peel yams and I make all the parts of an apple pie without mixing them together. The oven can't be lit manually safely, so we can't cook the pies. The power's back now, but definitely today was one of the worst half-dozen days of the year to lose power. Yuck. I have to go finish pie-ing in a second, but first, sibling thoughts. )


Oct. 24th, 2004 08:41 pm
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I just found the anonymous class grade table for 8.01T. I get *so* obsessive about these things -- I'll now be constantly checking after every assignment and wondering if it made me fall or rise in the class rankings. Oh boy.

My mother informs me that my little brother is far less obnoxious when I'm away, which is frustrating. She says it's because he's jealous or intimidated or something. I suspect he just doesn't like me, which is pretty terrible. I wish I knew what to do about it, but... I mean, what *is* there to do?

Made cookies. Mmm, cookies. But I can't find either of my big plates and that upsets me.

I really don't want to start on either my physics or math homework, and I can't think of anything else to ramble about so as to continue procrastinating. (Which was probably obvious. I mean, plates? Pretty desperate.)
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It's been a while since I've been to Chuck E Cheese, but, well, Noah's turning three tomorrow and it's just about his favorite place in the world. So there I was, sprawled out over half a booth with a novel and a pile of shiny tokens, when all the TVs hanging from the ceiling came to life with the sound of a vaguely familiar song info. When the lyrics kicked in, I thought I must have mistaken the song. But no, the tune was the same -- Backstreet Boys, Larger Than Life. (Remember that?) The words were just slightly edited to fit the place. To wit: You know you want to know. )


Aug. 16th, 2004 10:18 pm
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Have just finished long private post and long crying jag, the former of which will probably be deleted in the morning because I don't really want to read it again. If possible I'd love to forget feeling so down but, I don't know, maybe it'll help the next time I get the blues or something. In short, it was the following closely inter-related items:
1. Life isn't fair.
2. This sucks.
3. People love people because they do, not because they deserve it. Family especially.
4. In some ways, this also sucks.
5. I really don't like dealing with my little brother.
6. Guess.
7. I think I probably need to get some sleep now.

I'll whine less next time, I promise. Really. Sorry.

ETA: I think nine or ten months from now, I'll be just as stressed-out at the idea of coming back home for the summer as I am now at the prospect of leaving. I'm not sure if I think this is reassuring or what.
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So I just got home from vacation in New Jersey, which was lovely. The beach was pretty and the ocean was warm and my younger siblings only spent one evening collecting and displaying dead jellyfish. :P It was overall relaxing and enjoyable and all sorts of other vacationy adjectives.

And now I'm home, and my stepbrother who is also headed to college this fall has pointed out that we leave in three weeks -- him in less than that, actually, and me in pretty much that precisely. I'm excited, yeah, but also a little bit terrified. And I have so much to do before I leave and so many people I want to see again, and then there are the people who I'll probably quite literally never see again, as they're moving Far Far Away as they begin college, and it's all horribly depressing, not to mention oh, my God, MIT, what if I'm not smart enough? I'm just some girl who's kinda good at taking tests, I'm not brilliant or accomplished, and sure they said I was bright in high school but that doesn't exactly set me apart... In spite of appearances this isn't a beg for flattery, really, just personal livejournal therapy. Feel free to forget this entire paragraph now. :)

So I get home, I drag my suitcase upstairs, and of course, I immediately plug in my laptop and start catching up online. :P E-mail first, which I'd only had the chance to check once over the past week, and then once all three accounts were checked I moved on to my friends-list. (Have pretty much given up on cut-tags and even sporadic commenting; skimming will have to do. Yes, I have no life, but there's a limit even for me.) Next will be webcomics. And then I'll do things like do my laundry, put my books back on the shelves, read my physical mail and flip my calendar... who, me, horrible set of priorities? Never.

Also: amusingness from a conversation in which aforementioned stepbrother, who gets paid to watch movies, explains why he didn't like Catwoman much. I suppose this might be a spoiler. But I gather the plot isn't supposed to be the main attraction of the movie anyways. )
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Another public service announcement:

Okay, folks. I'm not quite sure what you're thinking here. Maybe it's that it's a public library and that makes it entirely yours. Maybe it's like more like seeing a page reshelving and going oh, look, she's a teenager and she looks just like Mary Sue down the street who we pay ten bucks an hour to watch Ethel and little Gertrude whenever Mommy and Daddy need a long evening of alone time. And yeah, it's true that your tax money does, after all, pay for the library and for my wages.

Tough. You STILL have to watch your own children. That's right, I'm not here to babysit your kids and prevent them from doing a little bit -- or a lot -- of creative reshelving. For one thing, I get paid, but I don't get paid *enough*. Got it? Good. Yeah.


Also, Josie and the Pussycats is another one of those so-stupid-it's-actually-somewhat-amusing-movies. Which may actually be the point. Although I just realized Rachael Leigh Cook looks eerily like [livejournal.com profile] wishiwereemo, which puts a different spin on the whole thing. :D

In other news, I'm going camping with The Family on Friday, which should be entertaining. ("For whom?" asked one of the librarians when I told her that. After some consideration, I've decided I meant for the neighboring campsites. I mean as long as they like loud arguments and don't mind not getting much sleep.) We're headed up to southern Maine in the afternoon, and after that I'm going to northern Maine to visit a friend, and, um, then I'm going back home again a week from Sunday. Whee!

And yay, interest meme! )
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Denise: "Can I borrow your bike?"
Me: "Sure. Oh, I have the brakes really loose, so just test them out on your way out, get a feel for them. Where're you going?"
Her: "On a bike ride, with Roxanne."
Me: "Oh, okay, have fun. Oh, and -- well, never mind. Bye."
Her: "What?"
Me: "I've managed to put that thing in neutral a couple times. It probably won't happen to you though."
Her: "Right. I'll fear for my life."

It turns out my bicycle is probably the less hazardous of the two they're using, though; over an hour later they still haven't left the garage, as there was a tack through Roxanne's front tire. Hm.

I baked meringues today because I was kind of bored. Made one and a half batches with Mom's grandmother's recipe, using four baking sheets, and actually didn't get any on my wysiwyg shirt, which I'm inordinately proud of. Three of the sheets were plain, one had chocolate chips. I never put chips in if I can help it, because they just burn over the 50 minute baking time, and the cookies are better without them. But Rox covered the baking sheets for me on the condition that I put chips in, so I did, and she won't admit it but I think now she likes the chipless ones better. Anyways. Four sheets. Two and a bit are gone already. I predict there won't be any left, even the icky chocolate chip ones, by ten o'clock tonight.
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We played Apples to Apples, just like we do every Sunday. For those who haven't played, each round a different player is the judge. They choose a green adjective apple card, and everyone picks the red noun apple card they think the judge will think fits best (or is funniest). It's a lot of fun. The tone of the game very much depends on the group playing it, though, and in youth group generally the group is largely my family, which makes for... interesting... results. Let's just say you wouldn't believe how much mileage we get out of the Michael Jackson card. Anyways -- I pulled the green adjective card "luscious", and got "my body" as a response, which in some circles might be flattering since all uses of the word "my" refer to the person who's judging, but is less so when you're pretty sure your brother put it in, you just don't know which one it was. :P

Later in the car on the way home, Denise says, "Dan, are you hitting on Tyler?" -- I won't even go into how that came up. "I'm hitting on everyone," Dan, aka [livejournal.com profile] g_virus, says. "You're not hitting on me," I say, pretending insult. "Remember that 'my body' card?" he asks. Rolling my eyes, I scoot waaay over onto the other side of the seat. -- I think last time our car conversation involved The Fashion of the Christ, which somehow also stemmed from Apples to Apples, possibly because we were making our own cards.

By the way, "zany" is another one of the adjective cards. "My family" won that one, easily.
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But [livejournal.com profile] rainbwfairie had a whole bunch, and then I was perusing [livejournal.com profile] colorbar_love, and I have this fascination with Macromedia Fireworks, and I just couldn't help it.Everyone needs an 'awwwwww' moment in their day anyways. )
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A better version of this, I think.

Read more... )


Feb. 19th, 2004 06:02 pm
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I heart my parents.

Celebrated my birthday with my mom tonight -- it's not till tomorrow, but I'm with dad then so we went for it. She and I and [livejournal.com profile] rockopowder and Denise went out and saw Triplets of Belleville and took goofy photo booth pictures and criticized Mom's perfume choices and I found the second Sandman book which I've been searching for for ages and it was enjoyable and entertaining and generally satisfying.

Then I came home, and opened presents, and got new guitar strings and a book about chess and really delicious looking chocolates and (drumroll, please) a shiny new laptop!! (Thus the eee of the subject.) It's a Dell Inspiron 5100, all kinds of fast with lots of disk space and memory and a superdrive, and it makes me feel that warm and fuzzy glow of possession and deliciously spoiled. Yay!

All done gloating now. No, there's not going to be a redeeming factor to this entry. You may now return to your regularly-scheduled friends-page perusal.


Jan. 18th, 2004 12:08 am
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I found my little stepbrother's LJ account. (Not that it was a challenge, as he & my little sister had exchanged friendings. Aw, I feel so left out.) He'll probably be annoyed. Oh well.

I think I listed this journal as my personal webpage for whichever one of the colleges it was that asked. I've been meaning to friends-lock those entries which I really don't want to represent me in The College Admissions Process (the mention of which demands extra capitalization), but that duck and hide instinct is warring with the somewhat insane desire to stand up and shout: Hey you, Mister Admissions Officer! (Or Ms.) This is me, this is who I am, this is what I feel and what I do and the things that I devote time to thinking and writing about. If you really want more than a set of numbers and another boring essay, here it is. Here's me, chin lifted high enough that you can't tell if I'm baring my throat or showing my pride, or both. Here's the good, the bright sometimes almost kind of poet, the friend, the sister; here's the bad, the lazy days and the worries and paranoia and self-centeredness, the first drafts and the obsessive editing of entries in a vain attempt to say exactly what I mean (no, wait, don't run, I'm not as crazy as that last sentence made me sound). Here's all of me presented for your perusal in easy-to-digest diary form: take it or leave it, all of it, together.
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We went to an event in Wellesley as a team, Squall and Seifer and Zidane and I, and came in in second place, collectively.

This sounds great 'till you realize there were two teams there. (Shh, don't tell!)

The other guys were from somewhere out on Cape Cod, I can't for my life remember the town name, but yeah, they deserved to win. Mostly. OK, I reeeeeeally should have won my last two games (nothing like losing after being a rook up in the endgame to bring on the guilt) but the second one especially I got trounced, and I can admit it. Ai.

But we came home with a bunch of shiny trophies and great resolve to actually start an L-S chess team, rather than posing as one without anyone's knowledge. The school has a "strategic games club", but I have it from a somewhat reliable source that all they care about is Magic, and occasionally Yugi Oh (or however you spell it). So we shall see. Those of you who are in L-S, if you hear anything about the chess team in the announcements next week, try not to snicker too much and give our utter patheticness away.

Oh! Sturgis. They were from Sturgis. Yeah.

After my losses, my stepdad -- er, I mean our team coach -- told me that the guys on the other team were nervous about playing me. I was highest rated on the team (dumb luck, mostly). I'd done not too badly in the last (and first) tournament I was at, which a bunch of them attended as well so they knew about that, though as y'all know I spent a fair amount of time kicking myself after that event for my dumb mistakes. Anyways. And (drum roll please) evidently the second x chromosome intimidated them. Go figure. First time beauty's been the consolation prize for me... I'm not quite sure what I feel about this.

... I told myself I'd respond to comments before I wrote an entry but I need to go do something I don't lose at now before I type any more, because my ego hurts. Sorry.
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So I went downstairs at ten thirty this evening. (Yesterday evening, technically, I guess.) Several of my siblings were scattered around the kitchen, consuming another gallon of ice cream. I did my by-now-customary whining about applications routine, this time focusing on the pain of the gazillion Brown essays. And, of course, in another vain hope of making myself feel better, I ask Squall if he's done with all of his essays. "Yeah, I wrote both of them already," he says.

"Both?" I screech.

"Yeah... how many do you have?"

I can't even count them anymore. But I'm proud to say that every last one is in. OK, I haven't sent all the application fees yet, but half of them don't do credit cards online so I'll just send checks tomorrow. Hey, with the size of the tuitions, they should be able to afford to wait for my measly sixty bucks.

D'you wanna read my real essays? I'm not nearly as proud of any of them as I am of my meta-essay, which I WILL keep bringing up till someone comments on it, but maybe I'll post them anyways.
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There was nothing I could do
but I had to do something.
So I went downstairs
dug through the closet
for the papery branches of the tree.
The box was bigger than me
but I wrestled it up the stairs
reveling in the distraction of exhaustion.
I set it up, plugged it in,
for a moment
to bask in brightly colored artificial light.
I place homemade ornaments,
the clicking of plastic
and beads and pipe cleaners
singing of Christmas-special-esque evenings
around the kitchen table.
The wire has fallen off this one.
I nestle it among the branches
(and with a glance at the creche)
pray it won't fall.

All true, for once. (now what?)


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