Aug. 16th, 2005 02:22 pm
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My loft is finally together! (With much, much, much help from [ profile] beat_the_beaver and other friendly hall denizens.) It's a tiiiiny bit taller than EC regulations say it should be, but hopefully I'll get away with it. I forgot how much I love bunk beds -- maybe it's just the association with home, but I really like sleeping, reading, tooling, whatever, while way high up. And I now have lots more floor space too, which is really nice.

Plus, it looks like my stepsister is going to be un-grounded and able to visit after all this weekend, so there will be baking of Pie. Probably at least three, thus the capital letter. In fact, if you're reading this, you enjoy delicious fruit pie, and you're going to be around EC Saturday afternoon, leave me a comment and I'll try to remember to drop you an e-mail when it comes out of the oven -- I'm going home Sunday afternoon sometime and I'd feel better if it were eaten before then so I can put away the dishes, which may require more help than will be available on 4e alone. (Although most of the people who fall in those categories and will be reading this are already on summersalt so you'll get the e-mail whether you want it or not.)

Three more days left at work -- weird how fast perception changes from "this summer just keeps going" to "whoa, what do you mean school starts back up in three weeks?"
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Back at school, which is almost a relief? I love my family dearly but everyone was even more stressed out than usual with the fire and everything else and I was ready to come back here.

Did you know that canned spaghetti has a best-if-consumed-by date? And that it's seriously there for a reason? I guess in my mind anything that comes in a can will last till the apocalypse if you don't open it, but ... well, not. Yuck.


Feb. 4th, 2005 11:45 pm
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Went to see Zap! at the Museum of Science -- thoroughly amusing. Loud noises and bright lights and the huge Van de Graff generator which is one of my favorite things ever and bizarre music on a variety of instruments, whee! Practically formulated to hit all my "ooh, cool" buttons in rapid succession. Then the frosh-posse went on a several-hour wander around the museum, which wasn't crowded at all since by that time it was 7:30 or so -- all sorts of fun and big childhood nostalgia. We walked back, furthering my opinion that with every step I take Cambridge gets smaller and smaller. :P Though I really do love being able to get anywhere I need to via walking and/or T'ing -- hurrah!

Classes are going okay -- problem sets all around, of course, tests scheduled and stuff due, onward into the fray and all that. Oh! And (because I am the biggest geek ever) when I saw the Chronicles of Amber comics cheap on ebay I kinda couldn't resist bidding. They came today and I haven't opened them yet, but hopefully they'll be good, or at least so horrible an adaptation that they're funny. ;)

Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are not as strange as they sound, although they could do with more spices (note to self: buy at Star?) and lots more chocolate chips (but everything is better with lots more chocolate chips).

whine, moan, etc )


Jan. 17th, 2005 09:21 pm
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Oh, my god. I think I can die happy now.


Dec. 13th, 2004 12:36 am
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Note to self: do not ever, ever try to make meringues without a mixer again. (An hour and a half and an aching wrist and i ended up with little flat meringue disks, but they taste okay.)

Have been feeling horribly jealous of friends lately, about stupid things mostly, which is a really ugly thing and I need to try to cut it out.

I went to visit a friend staying at the medical center and I think she ended up cheering me up as much or more so than vice-versa.

I have exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I should be studying or sleeping but I'm not.

When my hard drive died I lost a bunch of pictures and poetry and all the archived e-mail at my MIT address, which makes me unhappy. Some things I have online, some is just gone. I should back-up stuff more often (duh). I have to re-e-mail about IAP UROP possiblilities, which I feel really embarassed about.

I love winter except for this whole darkness thing, which really makes me more unhappy than I have any reason to be.

We had Formal Cocoa and gift exchanging and stuff on Friday, and everyone was dressed up (or down), and there was much food and silliness, which made me really happy.
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Thanksgiving dinner on 4th East tomorrow afternoon -- er, this afternoon, I guess, seeing as it's almost 2am. Whee! There will be four turkeys and ten pies. Oh, and, like, veggies and stuff. :P But mmm, pie. My shoofly pies didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked, but seeing as nobody here has evidently ever seen a shoofly pie before, it probably won't be noticed. :P My pumpkin pies are textbook perfect, though, which I was surprised and pleased by. There is also an apple pie and an apple pie with stuff and lemon meringue pies and I think at some point tonight/this morning there will be chocolate pies. Yay, pie. Are you hungry yet?

Somehow we decided to watch the Shrek movies tonight rather than the Kill Bill ones. Not sure how it happened, but I'm pleased, I think. I reached my movie-watching threshold after just the first, but it was good nonetheless. I love that movie.
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After having quiche at Mom's friend's wedding last weekend, Denise has decided it's her new favorite food. Or maybe it always was and this has just reawakened the craving? Either way, we decided to make some this evening. Wanna hear the sordid details? ) Yes, I cook when I'm bored. :P
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Denise: "Can I borrow your bike?"
Me: "Sure. Oh, I have the brakes really loose, so just test them out on your way out, get a feel for them. Where're you going?"
Her: "On a bike ride, with Roxanne."
Me: "Oh, okay, have fun. Oh, and -- well, never mind. Bye."
Her: "What?"
Me: "I've managed to put that thing in neutral a couple times. It probably won't happen to you though."
Her: "Right. I'll fear for my life."

It turns out my bicycle is probably the less hazardous of the two they're using, though; over an hour later they still haven't left the garage, as there was a tack through Roxanne's front tire. Hm.

I baked meringues today because I was kind of bored. Made one and a half batches with Mom's grandmother's recipe, using four baking sheets, and actually didn't get any on my wysiwyg shirt, which I'm inordinately proud of. Three of the sheets were plain, one had chocolate chips. I never put chips in if I can help it, because they just burn over the 50 minute baking time, and the cookies are better without them. But Rox covered the baking sheets for me on the condition that I put chips in, so I did, and she won't admit it but I think now she likes the chipless ones better. Anyways. Four sheets. Two and a bit are gone already. I predict there won't be any left, even the icky chocolate chip ones, by ten o'clock tonight.


Mar. 26th, 2004 10:21 pm
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I made cookies from scratch this afternoon, instead of cleaning or studying or exercising or doing anything at all actually useful. Butterscotch - chocolate chip cookies of DOOM, specifically.

I burned my finger doing so -- this was about five o'clock. Still hurts. (Why am I typing if I'm in such pain? Because I'm a masochist, probably.)

The cookies were worth it, though. Possibly the best thing I've ever baked, not that that takes much -- I tasted the batter before putting on the cookie sheets, of course, and was astonished to find it delicious. And the things are addictive, I'm telling you. Mmm. I want another.

Yes, these cookies are the most exciting thing to happen to me all day. The next entry will be more interesting, I promise.


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