Apr. 2nd, 2005 01:02 am
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After finally getting through the last of this week's work, [livejournal.com profile] liz_factorial and Gina and I went mauling malling. Among other places, we wandered into KB Toys and discovered they were having a sale on board games -- all marked way down, and then half off the second one you bought, which really appealed to our miserlike college souls. The inventory was a little spare, but we *did* make an important discovery: Marry, Date, or Dump. (Also known in non-card-game forms as Fuck/Marry/Kill or [livejournal.com profile] marryshagcliff.) The game itself was okay, could maybe have been designed better I think, but fun nonetheless. The reactions of the people walking through the lounge as the three of us and Amy played were fantastic. Guys shuddered and ran. Muahahahaha!

(So -- David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Marc Blucas? Homestar, Strong Bad, the Cheat? Or (one I got stuck with) Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, Regis Philbin?)

Then we played several hours of Apples to Apples, along with a random assortment of other people from the hall and a number of onlookers. Definitely still one of my favorite games ever. It's always sort of interesting to see what people look for in red cards (actual "correct" answers, personal favorites, things that made them laugh?) and really, really hilarious to see the choices that come up. Yay laughter!
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another entertaining and geeky evening in the life of alison )

Oh yeah, and "The Punisher" is a really bad movie, very nearly painful to watch in spite of a bunch of pretty explosions.
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We played Apples to Apples, just like we do every Sunday. For those who haven't played, each round a different player is the judge. They choose a green adjective apple card, and everyone picks the red noun apple card they think the judge will think fits best (or is funniest). It's a lot of fun. The tone of the game very much depends on the group playing it, though, and in youth group generally the group is largely my family, which makes for... interesting... results. Let's just say you wouldn't believe how much mileage we get out of the Michael Jackson card. Anyways -- I pulled the green adjective card "luscious", and got "my body" as a response, which in some circles might be flattering since all uses of the word "my" refer to the person who's judging, but is less so when you're pretty sure your brother put it in, you just don't know which one it was. :P

Later in the car on the way home, Denise says, "Dan, are you hitting on Tyler?" -- I won't even go into how that came up. "I'm hitting on everyone," Dan, aka [livejournal.com profile] g_virus, says. "You're not hitting on me," I say, pretending insult. "Remember that 'my body' card?" he asks. Rolling my eyes, I scoot waaay over onto the other side of the seat. -- I think last time our car conversation involved The Fashion of the Christ, which somehow also stemmed from Apples to Apples, possibly because we were making our own cards.

By the way, "zany" is another one of the adjective cards. "My family" won that one, easily.
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I'm thinking I'm going to try to clean up and submit this to the Fountain -- so obviously if you're a Fountain person, pretend you didn't see that and don't click, because anonymity and all that jazz. If you're not and have constructive criticism leave a comment and let me know, because I'm not sure if it sucks or not.

In other news: more paranoia!


Feb. 25th, 2004 07:39 pm
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Yay! Evidently Paranoia has been bought by some company called Mongoose Publishing, and they're revamping it and publishing more Stuff. Not only that, but they're blogging about it as they do it -- and if you click only one link here, make it that last one. The following made me laugh too: U R A TR8R!

From the second site linked:
"Player: Is PARANOIA XP still about living in an underground city of the future ruled by an insane Computer?
The Computer: The Computer is not "insane." Traitors lurk everywhere. In the old days, The Computer's loyal Troubleshooters only worried about Commie subversion, secret society sabotage, unregistered mutants, robot liberators, feuding High Programmers, tainted drugs, exploding food vats, nuclear hand grenades, and the occasional giant atomic cockroach. How naive! Now your clone family faces not only these persistent threats, but a new host of looming dangers such as viral licenses, closed-source genetic retooling, identity rentals, subconscious post-hypnotic brain-spam, Infrared-market WMD auction sites, and filesharing."

The point being that all these questions about terrorism and equality and freedom and piracy and technology ethics and so on offer an unsurpassed opportunity for satire, for amusement and commentary on today's society. And you thought tabletop RPGs had no redeeming value.
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My highest single was 82.2 and my highest total 427... probably could have done better but I don't like this one as much and can't be bothered to play again.

... That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
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My record is 305.7. You really don't want to know how long it took me. Hand-eye coordination is not one of my strong points.

Come on, I dare you. (Just in case anyone in the world hasn't seen this yet.)


Jan. 11th, 2004 01:44 pm
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If you play/played Animal Crossing, you'll probably find this amusing. (Or maybe you've seen it before, as it's relatively old.)

From the first entry:

"At approximately 10:00pm September 17th, I left the big city and began to melt into the countryside. On the train to Adamsvil, I met a simple cat named Rover. Already I am suspicious... a cat with a dog's name? When I reveal that I have no place to live, he slips to the back of the car and calls a "friend" of his named Tom Nook. Sounds like a scam, and when I meet Tom, I figure out why. My new crib costs 18,000 Bells, and Nook expects me to work for him to pay it off.

"Nook sets me up with all sorts of stupid jobs, most of which require running back and forth across town delivering things. In between errands, I introduce myself to the other townsfolk. I let them do all the talking so they'll like me and not ask too many personal questions. ... To keep up appearances, I even visited the Police Station. The patrol officer seems sharp, but the desk clerk inside is a fool. I cleaned out his Lost and Found box. I've also travelled to a small island to the south, Dred Island. There's an abandoned shack there I plan to use as a safehouse, in case I need to hide out again.

"...At about midnight, old Nook calls me in and tells me he has no more work for me. So I figure, this is it, only one of us is getting out of here alive... but he laughs and says he's willing to buy stuff from me now. I briefly consider clubbing him and heading to Dred Island with that Space Shuttle model he has in the back, but then I consider the value of my seashell collection..."
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We went to an event in Wellesley as a team, Squall and Seifer and Zidane and I, and came in in second place, collectively.

This sounds great 'till you realize there were two teams there. (Shh, don't tell!)

The other guys were from somewhere out on Cape Cod, I can't for my life remember the town name, but yeah, they deserved to win. Mostly. OK, I reeeeeeally should have won my last two games (nothing like losing after being a rook up in the endgame to bring on the guilt) but the second one especially I got trounced, and I can admit it. Ai.

But we came home with a bunch of shiny trophies and great resolve to actually start an L-S chess team, rather than posing as one without anyone's knowledge. The school has a "strategic games club", but I have it from a somewhat reliable source that all they care about is Magic, and occasionally Yugi Oh (or however you spell it). So we shall see. Those of you who are in L-S, if you hear anything about the chess team in the announcements next week, try not to snicker too much and give our utter patheticness away.

Oh! Sturgis. They were from Sturgis. Yeah.

After my losses, my stepdad -- er, I mean our team coach -- told me that the guys on the other team were nervous about playing me. I was highest rated on the team (dumb luck, mostly). I'd done not too badly in the last (and first) tournament I was at, which a bunch of them attended as well so they knew about that, though as y'all know I spent a fair amount of time kicking myself after that event for my dumb mistakes. Anyways. And (drum roll please) evidently the second x chromosome intimidated them. Go figure. First time beauty's been the consolation prize for me... I'm not quite sure what I feel about this.

... I told myself I'd respond to comments before I wrote an entry but I need to go do something I don't lose at now before I type any more, because my ego hurts. Sorry.
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The thing that's driving me nuts about this game is fairly mild FFX-2 spoilers )
The sad thing is that this has happened multiple times
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So I went to my very first chess tournament today. Played in the under 1000 rating, age 19 and under division, four games. Won two, lost two. the blow by blow )

So I ended up in fourth place, got a shiny medal for it. Would have been second (dangit) except for my utter stupidity in that last game. But oh well -- didn't suck too badly for my first competition. I ended up with a preliminary rating in the neighborhood of 817, I think. And to some extent it's probably a good thing I didn't beat that last guy, since my rating might be significantly higher if I had and then I'd have to play harder people next time. Um, that sentence was supposed to be optimism... where did it go wrong?
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Zeus: Master of Olympus is great fun. It's kind of SimCity meets Greek mythology, very amusing. It's also one of those games where you think you've played for forty minutes, an hour tops, and then you glance at your watch and have to wonder how all of a sudden it's almost midnight.

Not, of course, that I would know anything about that. *innocent look* :P


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