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Gina and I discovered today that the kind of looks you get when checking out at Target with 30+ boxes of peeps in addition to various other assorted leftover Easter candy are just awesome beyond words.

I also bought purple oven mitts (hurrah!) but I doubt they had as much to do with the expression of the nice lady who scanned box after box after box of colored sugar as well as the faces of the people behind us in line.

And now back to tooling. Bio test tomorrow, wish me luck... :/
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Went trick-or-treating, sort of, insofar as six college students with no small children to drag along as an excuse and no idea where the right sort of neighborhood is can do that. Ended up getting strange looks from West Campus people, eating pizza and ice cream, and then coming back more or less satisfied. Hey, it works. Last night a bunch of us put on costumes and then had no idea where to go now that we were all dressed up, so we ended up wandering around campus and putting on random skits in computer clusters. (On the grounds that anyone tooling in an Athena cluster at 10 on a Saturday night obviously needs some entertainment.) And then we went to Krispy Kreme. Oddly, we saw a lot more people dressed up last night than we did tonight.

I think I'm coming down with a cold -- I'm tired so often, it sucks. I took what I thought was going to be a brief nap today and lost my entire afternoon, and now I've got lots and lots of work to do. And I promised myself I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year and actually finish. (Even bought myself a t-shirt as extra motivation.) So I've swamped myself a bit. I'll forge through, though. Also, I appear to have crashed my phone, proving that there's a downside to cool complicated devices as opposed to simple ones. And I can't find a hard reset, so I may just have to wait for the battery to run out to get it out of its rut. Oh, and in possibly more positive news, or possibly not, I've got a bit of a crush again. Yeah, I know, it's sad, at some point I should maybe grow out of these things, he's not interested in me at all, I'm fairly sure, but it's a nice sort of mood-lifting thought to have every once in a while, in a middle-school kind of a way. :P

Should probably get back to tooling now, seeing as I have lots of physics and math due very very soon. Bah humbug.
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Yesterday was salvage day at L-S. I got a map of the old school, which I have to figure out how to get home one of these days. Also, you know those huge boards they put up in the glass hallway in the back of the school after people fall through the windows and break them? I took one of those down, with some help. Didn't take it home, just took it out, because I'd kinda always wanted to. Let in sunshine and fresh air, and then, because I'm a total dork, I jumped in and outside a couple times through the hole. It was far more entertaining that it logically should be.

Also, they're repainting the crosswalks! Yay! That isn't even a sarcastic "yay", I'm seriously happy about it. Means I'm less likely to get run down while biking home, and possibly less likely to get beepedhonked at, as it is now excruciatingly clear where they are. (The crossing guard by that elementary school went away with the end of the school year, much to my disappointment.) Also, the crosswalks are all pretty and blue and white and stuff. :D Now if they'd just finish fixing the sidewalk by the high school, I'd be utterly overjoyed. -- The biking is also evidently doing me good besides getting me from point A to point B: according to my mother I appear to have lost some weight, and though Mom is wonderful at being reassuring at other points she's rarely positive about my health, so it's a rare thing to hear from her and relatively significant.

And my lovely geeky t-shirts came in the mail! Hurrah!


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