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I cleaned my room, more or less, and organized various stuff so I have actual desk space, and I put my shelves together on top of each other. I washed my sheets and made my bed. I set up all my music stuff, tested out my keyboard, hooked my iPod up to my amp, realized how much I missed it all (and how much I appreciate this accumulation of birthday presents and graduation gifts), and in a minute I'm going to change my electric guitar strings (or string, at least) so I can play it.

And probably as a result, my mood is way better than it was on, oh, say Friday. I feel all productive and responsible, and I have music! Currently at a sane volume, but the knowledge that if I wanted to it could be really really loud is fun. Yay!

Completely unrelated: while sorting through papers I found some stuff relating to cell phone features and various associated charges, and for some reason this made me think way back to when I got my first e-mail account -- according to the welcome e-mail that I still have because I'm a virtual packrat, this was August 29th, 1997. I remember my dad telling me about it, and me being utterly astonished that not only would my e-mails arrive virtually instantaneously, but it was free. Seven years ago -- a really, really long time, and not a long time at all. I was a whole lot easier to impress then. Sorta wish I still was. Let's hear it for childish wonder...
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Gnod, standing for Global Network of Dreams. Two very neat things here. Thing One, this, lets you give the name of a band (or author, or movie) and see what other bands/authors/movies share a similar audience -- via a really cool animated screen involving moving text, which amuses me to no end. (It's way too amusing to ask about MF&tGG and watch Mozart fly across the screen, almost as fast as Nirvana does.) Also neat, though lacking some of the "ooh, shiny!" value, is the whole enter three favorites, get recommendations business -- though you can practically do that with amazon.com so not quite so neat.

In other news, I am exhausted and absentminded and stressed and desparately need sleep. I'm considering going to bed right now, at a whopping 8:27 pm. Yes, I'm a loser, but I'm a tired loser...


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