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Am currently using mildly crufty borrowed computer running Debian, which is a new and interesting experience. Read up to skip-130 on friends list. Gave up. Much as I love y'all, I also love sleep.

In other news, I think the following is important to know about, regardless of whether it applies to you personally -- the short version is that the TV spots that the UCC was trying to get were rejected by major networks as too controversial, because they (*gasp*) advocate acceptance all around. :P Press release below -- you can also google-news for the UCC and find other articles.

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Nov. 4th, 2004 05:48 pm
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So my grandmother e-mailed me a week or so before the election. She lives in Ohio. If you're flinching already, you probably don't want to read this. )

In other news, I learned yesterday (or maybe at that point it was this morning? I was writing a paper, it was pretty late) that the plural of continuum is continua. Yay, Latin! But continuums still sounds better to me.
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So, in light of recent events, I think a few additions to my wardrobe would come in handy.

1.) "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Kerry" t-shirt for possibly constant use over the next four years here, and
2.) Maple leaf t-shirt, just in case I ever vacation abroad.
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... granted, I live in Massachusetts, which really really isn't a swing state, but hey, another vote towards the massive popular vote margin that I'm crossing my fingers that Kerry gets. (Everyone on my friends list was mentioning voting, and peer pressure runs my life. :P )
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Okay, I was born in Boston, I've lived in Massachusetts all my life, and I just don't get it.

Grown men whacking balls and running in circles, with the goal to run in more circles than the other guys, while getting gazillions of dollars to do so. Where, exactly, is the entertainment value again?

*runs away from angry mob*
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Biggest reaction-provoking word among the people I was watching the debate with? "Internets." Momentary pause, then hysterical laughter, then someone pointing out "but there ARE two internets" and someone else retorting "but HE doesn't know that." I half-think the debates should be multiple choice, just to force them to answer the silly questions already. Yes, there are shades of meaning and hidden strings and so forth, I totally understand that (hey, I'm voting for Kerry) but it's so frustrating watching them *not* answer the question. Also, I think the debates are a lot like reality TV. Or vice versa.

I think it might reflect badly upon my priorities in life that it makes me all happy inside when I force some idiot on a silly message board to admit "i'm just making stuff up. i don't know."

The fruit that I was so proud of buying at Haymarket is going bad and making my room smell funny. Ick, and oops. :(

That would be a gross, horrible note to end a post on, so let me think of something else. Um. A threat, perhaps? I have my camera-phone and Bluetooth thingie all hooked up now, so you may yet experience at great length my complete inability to hold a camera steadily for a fraction of a second to take a picture. How's that?


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