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Or rather question of yesterday, except I was too tired to type it last night.

Say I walk up to you and say, "You know, it's been a rough day and I'm actually not all that sure if I really did wake up today. Would you do me a favor and prove I'm not dreaming?" After you get off the phone with the nice men in the white coats, while you're trying to persuade me to stay here till they come get me, how would you prove it?

And, um, for those of you who may have had your hopes up, I didn't intend this to be absurdly philosophical. I'm taking it as read that I didn't dream yesterday and the day before, that I am not a butterfly dreaming I am a (wo)man, and I'm not looking for "I think therefore I am", as neat a thought as that is. Nope, far more boring that that.

My thoughts went something like this. )

In other news, I can't believe they cut Scooter Girl from American Idol. *sobs* Most addictive show ever -- I've seen all of two episodes and I'm pretty sure I can't stop. I think it's because of the huge mind trip they've got all of the US on, where we stare at the screen and think "I could do that WAY better", and then we keep watching the show because of that lure of "It could be me" or even "It should be me". We keep watching it because it's such an accessible fantasy, because it's so easy for us to imagine ourselves in that role. ... Er, and everywhere I say "we" I probably mean "me."

And on that note... )
...Ha ha, 'note'. I need sleep now. Good night!


Oct. 8th, 2003 10:09 pm
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I was really looking forwards to tonight's Angel, especially after all the lovely bits of dialogue from the ads they've been showing. Indeed the "...and I'm his date" line amused me no end, but the rest of the episode wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped. Semispoiley, but not much. )

In other news, what does my brother think, that he's doing me a favor letting me help him with his homework? News flash, kiddo, it's the other way around. Unfortunately I'm enough of a softie that I don't just quit wasting my time with him, but it's exasperating nonetheless.
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I am going to love this season's Angel, if only for the Spike. I can just tell. Though the rest doesn't look half bad. *does the happy dance*

Yes, I found the time to watch my tape of the episode. Cut on the off-chance I'm not the last person in the universe to see the episode. )


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