Jan. 16th, 2005 05:58 am
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All right, this does it. Last post that happens with an AM timestamp but *before* I got to sleep for a while. Hopefully.

But anyways. Random tidbits:

speakeasy==awesome )

school spazzing )

and. )

And (about last week) -- thanks. I was gonna write more about it but this is really what there is: thank you. :)


Dec. 14th, 2004 02:00 am
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Figured out UROP stuff, mostly. Registered for classes in spring and 8.20 over IAP, which should be interesting even if it totally murders me in every way. (Hey, that's what pass/no record is for, right?) Studied 18.02 some and 8.01 more, have a vague superficial understanding of what thermo stuff we need to know. Calculated minimum grade on final needed for me to pass 3.091, which really wasn't motivational at all. Yay for getting stuff done! I should get some sleep now though, probably, seeing as I have a final in seven hours... wish me luck. :)
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I put in my last few hours at the library yesterday; my last day working at L-S was last week. Obviously I'm not a high schooler anymore, but I can't think of myself as a college student yet either, in spite of my and my parents' hard-earned cash already heading towards Cambridge. Kind of funny how much of my self-image is wrapped up in just a couple sentences.

Can you see this going somewhere depressing? Yeah, me too. So I'll opt for cynical instead: this is eerily familiar from earlier this summer. Stupid asset tags. :P
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Escapades in the computer department:
So guess what we did today at work? ... This, and lots of it.
Can't take any credit -- or blame -- for this one though. (Rather, it's the leftmost of these guys.)

In other news -- omg pretty quiz image! No idea what it *means*, but isn't it shiny?
The Changeling
Category X - The

Witty, amusing and a bit weird, you're welcomed
into most social groups, even though you don't
'fit in' perfectly .

What Type of Social Entity are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Jul. 27th, 2004 10:33 am
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Since when is this school building labeled? "Cafeteria/Library", it says outside B Pod in big gray letters. That's totally not fair at ALL. I had to learn the hard way, so should everyone else. :P
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I'm not quite sure why I haven't written anything since Monday -- I definitely spent a significant portion of my time reshelving this week mentally composing sarcastic entries. Can't remember any of them, of course, but I'm still determined to write something, at least.

Let's see. The network at school is approaching the status of "actual network", as opposed to "a server closet containing tens of thousands of dollars worth of space heaters". The space heating capacity of the servers has been totally appreciated by certain people who can't put up with how enthusiastically the central air in the new building has used, but it's nice to be (almost) able to do something a bit more like what all that equipment was intended for. :P

Also, [ profile] minttown put up this coffee shop fic challenge last week some time, which I wasn't going to write anything for so I didn't comment but then there was this idea that I had to write. So now I have 560 angsty words that upon re-reading appear to actually be more about my personal subconscious Issues, maybe, in a bizarre twisted way, than about Deirdre. (And I don't even get why her -- I don't even think I liked her when I read the Chronicles of Amber. And yet.) In fact, it's also barely about a coffeeshop. Mostly outside a coffeeshop, really. *sigh* I may yet inflict this upon y'all anyways, so consider this fair warning...
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Not a lot to do at work today, just like all this week. I think the most productive thing I accomplished there all day was filing my nails. Very slowly. For a grand total of about two hours. Did I mention our internet connection there is down? Click for whining about boredom and more! ... Or not. )

So, in conclusion, I'm in A Mood and need chocolate amusement. Anyone run across anything funny online lately? Bonus points if it's bitter I-hate-the-world funny, but anything's okay. Book or even movie recommendations are also appreciated (if you're thinking of a film and wondering if I've seen it: I probably haven't, since I rarely see movies) though the odds of me actually getting around to them are slimmer. :P (ETA: Suggestions of things to do while bored out of wits at L-S Inc. (that's an affectionate nickname for the new building, really) are welcome too. I've already got a book and a deck of cards...) Thanks in advance... :)

Fun at work

Jul. 1st, 2004 11:15 am
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There was an announcement earlier this morning warning us that they were testing the fire alarms. Oh, great, I think, we'll be inundated with loud sirens for the rest of the day, just what I always wanted.

I was, as often happens, wrong. Instead of loud sirens, we have blinking lights. Seriously. I haven't heard a sound yet but every couple of minutes the bulbs on the fire alarms start flashing frantically. They're very bright and thoroughly obtrusive, which I guess is kind of the point. Nevertheless, I'm this close to going insane and hitting to download the music to throw a lightswitch rave, a la The Cheat.

If nothing else happens today, maybe I'll dig up the computer department digital cameras and stick a long chatty new building photo post in [ profile] lincolnsudbury...
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Another public service announcement:

Okay, folks. I'm not quite sure what you're thinking here. Maybe it's that it's a public library and that makes it entirely yours. Maybe it's like more like seeing a page reshelving and going oh, look, she's a teenager and she looks just like Mary Sue down the street who we pay ten bucks an hour to watch Ethel and little Gertrude whenever Mommy and Daddy need a long evening of alone time. And yeah, it's true that your tax money does, after all, pay for the library and for my wages.

Tough. You STILL have to watch your own children. That's right, I'm not here to babysit your kids and prevent them from doing a little bit -- or a lot -- of creative reshelving. For one thing, I get paid, but I don't get paid *enough*. Got it? Good. Yeah.


Also, Josie and the Pussycats is another one of those so-stupid-it's-actually-somewhat-amusing-movies. Which may actually be the point. Although I just realized Rachael Leigh Cook looks eerily like [ profile] wishiwereemo, which puts a different spin on the whole thing. :D

In other news, I'm going camping with The Family on Friday, which should be entertaining. ("For whom?" asked one of the librarians when I told her that. After some consideration, I've decided I meant for the neighboring campsites. I mean as long as they like loud arguments and don't mind not getting much sleep.) We're headed up to southern Maine in the afternoon, and after that I'm going to northern Maine to visit a friend, and, um, then I'm going back home again a week from Sunday. Whee!

And yay, interest meme! )
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Yesterday was salvage day at L-S. I got a map of the old school, which I have to figure out how to get home one of these days. Also, you know those huge boards they put up in the glass hallway in the back of the school after people fall through the windows and break them? I took one of those down, with some help. Didn't take it home, just took it out, because I'd kinda always wanted to. Let in sunshine and fresh air, and then, because I'm a total dork, I jumped in and outside a couple times through the hole. It was far more entertaining that it logically should be.

Also, they're repainting the crosswalks! Yay! That isn't even a sarcastic "yay", I'm seriously happy about it. Means I'm less likely to get run down while biking home, and possibly less likely to get beepedhonked at, as it is now excruciatingly clear where they are. (The crossing guard by that elementary school went away with the end of the school year, much to my disappointment.) Also, the crosswalks are all pretty and blue and white and stuff. :D Now if they'd just finish fixing the sidewalk by the high school, I'd be utterly overjoyed. -- The biking is also evidently doing me good besides getting me from point A to point B: according to my mother I appear to have lost some weight, and though Mom is wonderful at being reassuring at other points she's rarely positive about my health, so it's a rare thing to hear from her and relatively significant.

And my lovely geeky t-shirts came in the mail! Hurrah!
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So I managed to get myself good and dehydrated today, I think, what with the water fountains in the new building not being chlorinated yet and me being too dumb to bring in liquid. Then I biked to the library. This was interesting, since my sense of balance was, um, unpredictable. I made it safely anyways, as you probably guessed from the fact that I'm around to write this entry, but it was fun, in the way of not being fun at all. Upon arriving at the library I hit the water fountain immediately, and then proceeded to shelve an overwhelming quantity of books. This is another activity that becomes particularly entertaining when leaning over too far makes you mildly dizzy. It's especially fun in the children's department, where all the shelves are low-down so that kids can reach them and people who are not two feet tall have to lean, kneel, or both. Whee!

Weird little-kid story for today: while reshelving picture books today, this boy who was probably fourish greets me. "What are you doing?" he asks. I've calmed down a bit from my previous spazziness so I manage to answer in a non-cranky way, "I'm putting back all these books." "Oh. What's your name?" he asks. None of this is new yet, I get questions from random curious kids on a semi-regular basis. So I tell him. Next question. "Do you have a husband?" "What?" I'm pretty sure I heard him wrong. He comes a step closer, lowers his voice confidentially, and repeats clearly, "Do you have a husband?" --- *g* I figure my next step can be getting elementary schoolers to flirt with me, and maybe I'll have worked my way up to people my own age by the time I finish college.

Also, anyone detecting a mathematical pattern of how often I have bouts of moaning and groaning definitely shouldn't comment on that fact, especially if they have a y chromosome.
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Wow, I don't have to hate Yahoo mail any more. Thank you, Gmail and the power of peer pressure. :P

I'm enjoying work, more or less, though the initial appeal of boxes and boxes of pink plastic bubble wrap is kind of wearing thin. Also, the school is getting more and more depressing. It's always sort of skeletal over the summer, only the bare bones of staff left, heartbeat gone, and this entire sentence is ripped off of a silly perspective exercise from the creative writing journal I got back yesterday. More of the same. )

So I brought the big Fountain sign from the door to the annex home, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. (I actually have a poster of the old schedule that I grabbed last summer around here somewhere too.)
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So this afternoon's escapade at work-at-LS was going to be checking out Thoreau's Cabin, but it turns out the key the Daves (the tech guys) had wasn't actually the right one. It's a very pretty key, long and round and relatively thick (and certain parties who may read this -- you know who you are -- should get their mind out of the gutter right now) and rather old-looking, on a clip thing with a tag misleadingly labeled 'Thoreau's Cabin'. I think it might have been the right key, once upon a time, because there was a hole in the cabin door that looked like maybe it used to be a keyhole, back in the day, about the right size for the key in question. Unfortunately it appears you need a different and much more mundane key to get into the padlock on the door, something boring and smaller than my GM. Bah.

But that was okay anyways, because later we ended up checking out the steam tunnels under the school instead. Very neat, and not only because I'm incredibly easily amused, so I'm going to ramble on and on about it. )

Oh yeah -- one more entirely unrelated thing. My e-mail account appears to accept overdue notices from the library but strategically bounce notices saying that the book I requested has arrived. This would frustrate me even more if I weren't in the library half the days anyways...


Mar. 25th, 2004 09:49 pm
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You know, kind of like baggage, kind of like bragging... I don't know, it was funny in my head.

The entire point of this post is to do the happy dance because I'm six for six so far as colleges go: besides MIT (hurrah again!) I'm into WPI, RIT (but I think I've mentioned that one already as well), Carnegie Mellon, BU and Wellesley. Yay! Of course, if the money numbers come out right this doesn't actually matter as MIT's pretty much the first choice, but I wanted to make an ego post anyways. :D So far WPI wins the give-me-money contest, trailed by Carnegie Mellon, trailed by everyone else who doesn't want to give me merit scholarship money. Oh wait, maybe I got something from RIT and forgot about it -- yeah, I think I did. Anyways. Still waiting on Harvard (hah), Bowdoin, Amherst and Brown. I find out Brown and Harvard on April first, Bowdoin in "early April", and Amherst mails out letters April first. Whee!

In the category of utterly random, while reshelving books by an author with the last name of "Crumb" I could have sworn I saw "Crackers" on the next book over. It was actually "Cracken" or something, but I thought crackers and crumbs would have been funny. In conclusion, I have not gotten enough sleep lately.

Too funny.

Mar. 9th, 2004 07:12 pm
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As many of you know, I work at the local library. Granted, as a mere page, involved in mostly the ongoing fight against creative reshelving (you wouldn't believe what kids -- and adults! -- come up with), but I've heard enough from the librarians that this made me laugh. Not to mention this list of gems like "Pokemon Ruby and the Normal Distribution" and "I Know Why the Caged Bird Constructs Inscribed, Cicumscribed and Escribed Circles for a Triangle" and this one of possible library notices from a few places you might recognize. Then there's this beginner's guide to libraries. And if my friend Karen actually read this, this would be where I'd make a witty comment unintelligible to anyone but me and her. And maybe Ann and Dana.

I'll stop now, really, and let anyone who hasn't fled in fear of the geekiness peruse further on their own. :)

Alternatively -- if you're the kind of person who'd rather watch the movie -- I thought this was amusing, and I didn't even *watch* the Oscars...
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Ah, the glories of reshelving. My local library, I've discovered, has the They Might Be Giants - Direct From Brooklyn DVD! (*cue eeeeeeeee!'s*) As well they should, seeing as John and John went to the town high school. I've been making my way through the music videos, most of which I haven't seen except off their website in a size not much bigger than a LJ icon, so I'm psyched. And I'd never seen "(She Was A) Hotel Detective" before (or a few others), and it's great.

I'm told once upon a time TMBG were staples of MTV. If they still were, maybe the channel wouldn't suck. Er. Let me rephrase with slightly less cynicism. This is already more interesting, entertaining, and funnier than the last DVD I watched, and I haven't even gotten to the end of the videos yet, let alone the special features (which include, among other things, the Tiny Toons TMBG videos). Granted, the last DVD I watched was "The Sweetest Thing" (don't even ask) -- but still. The videos are hilarious and creative and innovative and utterly about the music.

To summarize, all you Sudburians should rush to the Goodnow and get this. As soon as I'm done with it, that is. The rest of you, to!
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Feeling pretty guilty about my last entry, and realizing that instead of whining I really should do something about it. But how does one politely say, "Hey, listen, it's obvious you're in desperate need of a halfway competent proofreader, and if you've no one else then I'll even do it, just for the sake of preventing the pain in the collective eyeballs of the school."

I suppose if I'm aiming for tact I should probably start by chopping off the whole last clause (or whatever it is) hanging off the tail end of that sentence...

In other news, while reshelving today I ran across the lovely book "Are The Kids All Right?" The subtitle on the cover was "The rock generation and its hidden death wish!" The exclamation point is my favorite part. From 1981, it's got all sorts of good stories about how sex and drugs and rock and roll corrupted my parents. Plus, it's from the author of "The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours Aboard A Flying Saucer"! (And since it had to be reshelved, obviously someone else has taken it out lately. Huh.) Read a fair amount during the hour I was waiting to be picked up from work this afternoon. Evidently the reason my ride didn't show was that when my brother said he was leaving the robotics meeting to come get me, someone else said they'd do it. This someone else, who shall remain nameless, tells me they couldn't find the library because of some issues they were having with (quote) "the space-time continuum." Gotta say, that's one I haven't heard before...
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While reshelving today, I caught sight of the childrens' book Nightgown of the Sullen Moon -- I didn't get a chance to read it, since I was working, but I did flip through it. It seemed just as interesting and strange as the title would lead one to suspect. The real reason it caught my eye, though, is that there's a They Might Be Giants song of the same name, which I'd heard was named after a kiddie book. (The song actually comes up more than the book in a casual google search...) So it was pretty neat to see the inspiration for that.

In other news, someone (probably my mother) has got my school e-mail in their address book and whatever that new virus is. "Partial message available". Ha.


Dec. 3rd, 2003 07:13 pm
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So I was making hold calls at the library, and on one, a woman picks up. "Hi, I'm calling from the library for James," I say, glancing at the hold slip. "Yes?" says she. I pause, awkwardly. "Errr-- we have a book that was requested," I say, making my inner editor wince at the stupid passive voice. "We'll hold it till the tenth, blah blah blah." Call over.

What threw me -- what always throws me -- is that if your voice is a decidedly feminine soprano, you're probably not James, so why are you answering like you are? Were it more likely I was speaking to James I'd say "we have the book you requested", or were I told "may I take a message?" I'd say "we have the book he requested". But I get that major huh?? moment when I have no clue either way.

You'd think I'd have done better than I did with nanowrimo with my just-demonstrated ability to wax loquacious about the most random and miniscule of subjects, huh?

And I always feel bad when I can't pronounce peoples' names. I've got one of those impossible last names myself and I'm never insulted when other people murder it, but I still feel strangely guilty when I manage to get every single short vowel long and vice versa, every hard consonant soft, and so forth. *shrugs* Yet another reason I suck at having phone conversations, even ten-second ones. But hey, if you want my lovely ridiculously young-sounding voice on your own personal answering machine (yes, I speak soprano and sing alto, that's just the kind of strange person I am), let it be known that the best way is to request books at the library till one of them comes in on a Tuesday afternoon, and then there you are. :P

"I speak soprano" -- does it sound like I'm talking about a foreign language or what? I wanted to make a funny joke about the primitive soprano culture of insert-location-here, but I can't get it to work. Think of something topically amusing and pretend I wrote it, okay?
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