Oct. 6th, 2005 11:02 pm
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So evidently some people did not know that I write. (Sort of. Badly. Sort of badly.) Which is fine but surprising -- I didn't realize how much it'd fallen out of my life.

("I write" -- what an odd sort of declaration to make. Doesn't everyone write?)

Anyways. Poetry, some old, some new, some better than others.

Feedback welcome and much appreciated, as always.
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Not as in let-me-tell-you-about-my-day off-the-top-of-my-head writing, more as in actual creative writing that a semblance of thought goes into, and possibly, as in this case, actual revision. It's too bad, because it's probably good for me as an outlet and as a way to improve, not to mention that it's something I enjoy. I'll bet you can guess exactly what this is leading up to. :)
Disclaimer: no, you don't need to worry about me, this mostly isn't autobiographical except in the sense that any poetry that isn't 100% crap (and this one is only 95 tops, I hope :P) has something of the self in it, right?

Without further ado: letting go, v2.0 )
Also, notes about revising and suggestions and all sorts of stuff that's probably only interesting to me. )
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Wow, I don't have to hate Yahoo mail any more. Thank you, Gmail and the power of peer pressure. :P

I'm enjoying work, more or less, though the initial appeal of boxes and boxes of pink plastic bubble wrap is kind of wearing thin. Also, the school is getting more and more depressing. It's always sort of skeletal over the summer, only the bare bones of staff left, heartbeat gone, and this entire sentence is ripped off of a silly perspective exercise from the creative writing journal I got back yesterday. More of the same. )

So I brought the big Fountain sign from the door to the annex home, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. (I actually have a poster of the old schedule that I grabbed last summer around here somewhere too.)
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So this afternoon's escapade at work-at-LS was going to be checking out Thoreau's Cabin, but it turns out the key the Daves (the tech guys) had wasn't actually the right one. It's a very pretty key, long and round and relatively thick (and certain parties who may read this -- you know who you are -- should get their mind out of the gutter right now) and rather old-looking, on a clip thing with a tag misleadingly labeled 'Thoreau's Cabin'. I think it might have been the right key, once upon a time, because there was a hole in the cabin door that looked like maybe it used to be a keyhole, back in the day, about the right size for the key in question. Unfortunately it appears you need a different and much more mundane key to get into the padlock on the door, something boring and smaller than my GM. Bah.

But that was okay anyways, because later we ended up checking out the steam tunnels under the school instead. Very neat, and not only because I'm incredibly easily amused, so I'm going to ramble on and on about it. )

Oh yeah -- one more entirely unrelated thing. My e-mail account appears to accept overdue notices from the library but strategically bounce notices saying that the book I requested has arrived. This would frustrate me even more if I weren't in the library half the days anyways...
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I don't deal well with change and I just can't shut up about this whole "high school's almost over, waaah" thing. Sorry. For your further entertainment (feel free to not click the cut tag) I now present: the same thing over again in free verse. )
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I now have lovely French-tipped nails. I probably shouldn't be typing yet, and I kind of have three overdue English assignments still to do tonight. Oops.

Contemplation: So I'm not really a prom-type person. I wear dresses only under duress, hair tends to be the practical ponytail, never wear makeup (unless you count Chapstick...?), my nails tend to be mangled from typing or guitar strings or however it is that I maul them during robotics, or just from nervous chewing (yeah, ew, I know) -- not really a girly-girl. I'm antisocial, I hate dancing, I spend a depressing quantity of Friday and Saturday nights at home. And maybe that's why I actually am relatively excited about tomorrow night -- just the sheer unusualness of the evening, and the fact that it's an excuse to do all the frilly things I can't be bothered with. *shrugs* Embarrassingly plausible, I think.

Came up with a lot of tripe and a couple decent things for my creative writing final project. One of the better of the lot. )
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It's nice when things work out. (More or less.)

Of that to-do list from a few days back:
Fountain maybes, layout, poetry reading stuff
AP exams
Creative writing -- progress has been made, six or seven pages of progress, including three or four that will be very painful to read since they're entirely in second person
Limo stuff (I am forever indebted to [livejournal.com profile] grayrainbow and [livejournal.com profile] circusrunaway)
Aquatic bio project -- half done, just need to throw in a couple pictures to hit the page count

New stuff on the list:
Cum laude banquet stuff (find something to read, get Mom to get tickets)
... There's something else, but I can't remember what.

So you say: how can just using the second person make a short story unbelievably annoying? Behold. )

And as promised, The most pretentious story in the whole wide world! [In which I attempt to do all those prose-poetry stunts labelled 'don't try this at home, kids,' and fail amusingly.] )
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So we're currently in the middle of the poetry unit of Creative Writing, which is turning out to be much less writing and much more reading. I don't have a problem with this, much, in and of itself. I love poetry, reading it as well as creating it, and some of the stuff the teacher has selected really appeals to me. We talked about Sylvia Plath's "Nick and the Candlestick", which I liked a lot. But why are we doing this -- and only this* -- in a creative writing class? She says because not everyone can write poetry.


Not true, dammit. Not everyone cares to put in the effort to write poetry, not everyone wants to try to channel their thoughts into that vein, not everyone thinks that way out of instinct, but IMHO, especially given the incredible range of possibilities of the form, anyone is capable of it. So what if it's hard? I think writing short stories is hard; it takes effort to come up with a plot and pace it in a halfway-decent manner. I'm sure somewhere out there there's someone who thinks writing journal entries is difficult, that there's a thousand easier ways to express your thoughts. And that doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Yeah, poetry can be hard, but that's part of what makes it rewarding, to write or to read. Get over it.

That said, I now have to go write the many prose assignments, having not yet "gotten over it" and figured them out. :P Not that this has *anything* to do with why I'm feeling a bit down about the class.

* Okay, we did one exercise involving cutting out all the 'unnecessary' words from a piece of prose and calling it an ode. Doesn't count.
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What made me think that with last week over everything would be smooth sailing from here on out?

Must sort out Fountain maybes and get Mr. Ray to xerox packets that will be about a zillion pages long. Must apologize profusely to Ms. E for being about to miss yet another computer department maintenance afternoon. She's going to kill me. Maybe I can offer to come in some other time?

Must make a final decision about the blankety blank AP exams. Two paragraphs of blah blah blah MIT blah blah blah money blah blah blah laziness. ) I felt the need to share. Isn't your day just that much better for it?

Must catch up on creative writing stuff. Which reminds me, I have poetry I can put here now that the Fountain folks have seen it and said ridiculously flattering and way too nice things about it. (And also one or two weirdly insightful things that made me think either I am either deeper or shallower than I think I am.) Anyways -- the first you've seen the rough draft of, the second is shiny new, click? )

I'm pretty proud of the latter, as structured poetry isn't my strongest point. The first -- I was totally going to take it out of the submission envelope, except it'd already been emptied, and I'm surprised and ecstatic it went over well.

What else? Study for BC Calc exam(s), maybe ask around about limo groups for the prom though I finally did get around to asking That Guy about all this stuff and it sounded like he was already planning to look into it. *g* I knew there was a reason I liked him. Shoot, and I have an aquatic bio project to do -- it's not so much that it's difficult or time-consuming as that motivation is absolutely zero. Figure out whether I'm going to take the physics C e&m. Come up with good senior pranks -- seriously, I have admin passwords and a master key, and I'm going next year to MIT, home of hacks, I'd feel guilty if I *didn't* do something. Figure out details of Fountain poetry reading. Plot layout for Fountain. And there is no way at all there'll be enough time Wednesday to do everything that needs to get done -- I'm definitely seeing myself hanging out in the annex Friday afternoon... but I'm not a loser, I'm just dedicated. Really.
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Did the mall and movie thing with [livejournal.com profile] faerie16 today. Managed to find that one purple dress in the right size, and discovered that the Ella Enchanted movie has absolutely nothing to do with the book, but is decent nonetheless. I'm way too lazy to give the whole rundown since she already did, so if you're really curious, you know what to do...

Also, leftover poetry from the other evening. )
I swear I didn't mean to make it rhyme at all.
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Been putting off posting this for a while so that I wouldn't have to do the silly custom-security rigmarole to prevent Fountain folks from seeing it before the meeting. :P I'm actually a little surprised you didn't all go, "okay, alison, give up the pretense that you don't know who wrote this, it's obviously yours." Because it kinda is, or so I thought. In any event.

learning to be spontaneous

  1. pick wildflowers
    place them on the hood of a black car.

  2. scrawl ‘i love you’
    in pastel chalks on city sidewalks.

  3. leave obscure, quirky novels
    on back tables in starbucks.

  4. climb pine trees
    till my hands cling to the bark, covered in sap.

  5. draw wings
    on fashion ads.

  6. cut class
    in favor of sprawling and soaking in spring.

  7. talk
    to you.
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Happy Easter!

I'd forgotten how much harder it is for me (and, I'd imagine, most people) to write structured poetry -- your villanelles or pantoums or whatever. I was going to post an old villanelle I wrote ages and ages ago so we could all laugh at it but evidently I lost it somewhere along the line. I think it was creatively titled "Evil-lanelle", because I was writing it for an assignment and getting very frustrated with the form. But I will pound out something structured that works, soon, really.

In other news, the poetry slam's cancelled due to lack of interest, and I can't quite bring myself to post that information on [livejournal.com profile] lincolnsudbury because I secretly want to believe that it's really going to happen after all. Blargh. But really, say each poem read was going to be five minutes -- which is very, very generous; my realistic estimate would be more like two. Eight readers is forty minutes, which doesn't seem like enough to bother for. Bah.

Linkage -- this article, entitled "Smells Like Teen Spirituality", is pretty interesting, especially the end, though I've seen one of the four TV shows (which share the common theme of Teen Girls Whom God Talks To) mentioned, once. That's supposed to be 'whom', right? Not who? I can never get that straight. You do have to watch an ad to get to it, but it's worth it.

And finally, a random anecdote. The BBIQ competition is the weekend after this one, and recently I got an email addressed to all the participants talking about AP cram sessions during the tournament. I responded saying I was interested, and the guy vaguely in charge of it said "oh, good" and then some stuff about how it was such a great competition and I'd be pleasantly surprised at the number of girls there. Well, yeah, I know, I've gone for the last two years. He then said that he himself was bringing nine (!) all-girl teams. Which is all well and good and hurrah for girls being involved in male-dominated activities, but I narrowly avoided telling him that really, I'd be even more excited if he said he was bringing nine teams of straight, single male models. :P
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A better version of this, I think.

Read more... )
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I'm actually rather fond of this one. Really really looking for constructive feedback, if anyone's got some to offer. :)

fair counsel )
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And I'm feeling -- I don't know, insecure or something, about the blank days on my calendar -- must spam friends page -- I present for your amusement the Creative Writing Story of Doom.

Oddly, the first three lines have been in my head for ages and ages, mostly sticking there because I've been wondering if "were" or "was" was correct in the first sentence. I'll leave it a mystery (and a reason to click the cut-tag) as to which I opted for. :P But if anyone's postive which one's correct, I wouldn't be averse to knowing. Sure, I thought they were kinda interesting plot-wise too, but the grammar point fascinated me most. :P That's two :P's in one paragraph -- oh look, three! ... Moving on, before this gets too Monty Python...

Disclaimer for those of y'all who somehow don't know: I'm a Ren faire geek and totally in love with KRF, and, as usual, nothing should be taken seriously. Also, constructive criticism is always welcome, and this was six pages one-and-a-half spaced, which may be massive or not depending on what you're comparing to. Don't say I didn't warn you. :P (Knights of Ni voice -- "I typed it again!")

And without further ado... )


Mar. 20th, 2004 08:10 pm
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Silly crush poetry, cut for slight Fountain potential. Very slight. Delusions, mostly, you Fountain people can probably go ahead and read it anyway if you're in the mood for utter fluff, and of course the rest of y'all were going to read it all along, right? ... Right? *listens to echoes* Argh.

my god, it RHYMES, someone call the newspapers )

and once more with feeling )

What these poems are REALLY saying is that I feel guilty about not being at work on physics homework right now.
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... Look, a buffet of LJ-cuts!

whee poetry )

a better second stanza? )

links! )

watch me whine )
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This is for you, Dave. Everyone else, this is trash, don't bother. )
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