May. 8th, 2009

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Going to take a moment here and bask, because I am pretty happy with myself.

So the performance review stuff I was stressing about all through March came back, and I am totally framing the feedback I got and hanging it on my wall. On the comment box for things I can improve on, I was anticipating things like "she could be more professional sometimes" and "should be more aggressive in communication with other teams" and "spotty estimation of timelines" and all sorts of other whatnot -- and all I got was "should keep on becoming more experienced, which she is doing" and "should speak up more" and "should look for opportunities to take leadership roles". None of which is surprising, and all of which are kind of halfway to secretly being compliments: we want to hear from you (we think your opinion is worth it) and we think you should lead stuff even though you are about two seconds out of college. Yay!

The comment boxes about strengths and accomplishments were very nice too (although being me, I immediately skipped to the things-i-need-to-improve section and didn't look at the positive things till later). Once I went back to those, though, I got positive feedback on things that I didn't necessarily think were getting noticed, which was incredibly gratifying, and on things I didn't know if I was doing well at, which is reassuring.

All in all, it actually wound up being really flattering and also motivational, and totally worth all the worry I put into it. (Actually, going back and reading what *I* wrote about myself, even that doesn't suck too bad.) I'd really like to ping the people who wrote me reviews and say thanks for the time and the thought, and it was helpful and also made my day (made my week, even, so far), but it seems like that might be a breach of etiquette -- the general modus operandi seems to still be sort of "the first rule of performance review is that we don't talk about performance review". Which is too bad from my perspective, but I guess it might let people be more comfortable being frank. Meh.

Annnnnnnd my window box is sitting on my floor waiting to be filled tomorrow, and we're also going to make jam! Life is good.
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Oh, and next time I am hating everything about debugging, this is what I will think about: "At least the reproduction steps for my problem do not begin with 'encase product in epoxy'."

SO glad not to be a hardware person. :p


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