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May. 28th, 2005 08:00 pm
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Mmm, vacation. I'm getting perilously close to accustomed to 11+ hours of sleep nightly, and also dangerously fascinated with Puzzle Pirates. There's no way this is ending well.

I went and visited LS, my old high school, on Thursday -- my first time back there since I finished working there last summer. The new building looks so much less sterile and dead with people in it and posters tacked up to the walls and the mural reproductions up... it's really nice. Just like the old building, the favorite senior hang-out spot is of course in the very last place that faculty would want it to be. It was the last day for seniors, so there was a stereo blaring and various decorations strewn about the area, and I felt a little guilty that I had no idea who most of this year's seniors are. Said hi to a bunch of people and many teachers -- and hey, is big hair on guys suddenly "in"? 'Cause there were at least two gentlemen I didn't recognize for a moment simply because of the things on their heads -- discovered that this year's Battlebots team had actually won three matches with one of the bots, and surprisingly everything all together didn't really kick off nearly as much of an "awwwwwww I miss this place" reflex as I'd expected.

[ profile] liz_factorial and [ profile] luminea will be very proud to learn that while clothes-shopping with my stepmom yesterday, I acquired several brightly-colored items of clothing. Which leaves the question of if I'll ever actually feel gutsy enough to wear them. Hopefully... it'd be awfully wasteful otherwise. Also comfy $3 jeans and various summery things.

I'm headed back to school on Monday or Tuesday, I think -- hopefully Monday night -- though I guess I'll probably be back briefly on Thursday evening for LS graduation. I'll try to make Rivers graduation as well, although I'd have to figure out transportation and since it appears to be at 2:00 there's a substantial chance I may not be able to make it.

In other news, my baby brother is still the cutest kid on earth. He is, though, obsessed with racing at the moment ("Race you to the car!" and so forth) which, I learned today, isn't a fabulous thing in grocery stores.


Sep. 3rd, 2004 07:41 pm
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I can never sleep the first night in a new place -- it takes me at least a night or two to get used to a new bed, new night sounds, just a new place in general. I slept fine on Sunday, though, which is a good omen, right?

Of course, in spite of this, I've decided I want to switch dorms. Simmons is really nice, very windowy and clean, but... well, I've been going by East Campus nearly every day and everyone there seems friendly and creative, if possibly clinically insane, and there are just so many upperclassmen back early to convert freshmen who seem to care about the place, and that seems important. So hopefully the housing adjustment lottery goes my way and I get to live over there, and then hopefully after that the in-house room lottery *also* goes my way, and I get to live on 4e, which bills itself as "the warm and fuzzy floor" and boasts nightly cocoa feeds and friendly people. We'll see. Otherwise... I mean, I don't *not* like Simmons, I could certainly live here, but I think I'd be happier at EC. So. I'm keeping fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Speakeasy played at Senior Haus last night. I'd kind of already filed everything L-S into a neatly labeled little box in the back of my mind, so it was a surprise to see all those people (hi [ profile] itallwillfall!), though definitely a good surprise. And of course I was reminded that I kinda regret lots of the times I opted for the lazy/shy route in high school... motivation to do better here, or something. *shrugs* It was also the first time I'd been over to that dorm, which was... okay, smoky and a little sketchy, and not really my kinda thing, but as usual the people seemed on the whole friendly.

All sorts of silly Orientation type events this week, involving being bombarded with a million times more names and faces than my brain knows what to do with, watching cheesy videos, touring the campus, learning about the facilities, all that stuff. I was going to go into more depth (and maybe will, later) but there's free food outside and after that I have an audition for one of the campus a capella groups, so I should probably get on that whole social, active resolution now. :)
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I leave tomorrow, noon-ish -- which is, um, a bit more than twelve hours from now -- so not being packed is probably a bad thing, and sitting around writing livejournal entries instead of finishing is probably a worse thing. However, motivation is in pretty short supply, so...

Room cleaning discoveries. )


Jul. 27th, 2004 10:33 am
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Since when is this school building labeled? "Cafeteria/Library", it says outside B Pod in big gray letters. That's totally not fair at ALL. I had to learn the hard way, so should everyone else. :P
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I'm not quite sure why I haven't written anything since Monday -- I definitely spent a significant portion of my time reshelving this week mentally composing sarcastic entries. Can't remember any of them, of course, but I'm still determined to write something, at least.

Let's see. The network at school is approaching the status of "actual network", as opposed to "a server closet containing tens of thousands of dollars worth of space heaters". The space heating capacity of the servers has been totally appreciated by certain people who can't put up with how enthusiastically the central air in the new building has used, but it's nice to be (almost) able to do something a bit more like what all that equipment was intended for. :P

Also, [ profile] minttown put up this coffee shop fic challenge last week some time, which I wasn't going to write anything for so I didn't comment but then there was this idea that I had to write. So now I have 560 angsty words that upon re-reading appear to actually be more about my personal subconscious Issues, maybe, in a bizarre twisted way, than about Deirdre. (And I don't even get why her -- I don't even think I liked her when I read the Chronicles of Amber. And yet.) In fact, it's also barely about a coffeeshop. Mostly outside a coffeeshop, really. *sigh* I may yet inflict this upon y'all anyways, so consider this fair warning...
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There was nothing to do, as expected, so: here they are. With my own brand of lame brilliant and witty commentary, of course.

(cross-posted to [ profile] lincolnsudbury)

Fun at work

Jul. 1st, 2004 11:15 am
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There was an announcement earlier this morning warning us that they were testing the fire alarms. Oh, great, I think, we'll be inundated with loud sirens for the rest of the day, just what I always wanted.

I was, as often happens, wrong. Instead of loud sirens, we have blinking lights. Seriously. I haven't heard a sound yet but every couple of minutes the bulbs on the fire alarms start flashing frantically. They're very bright and thoroughly obtrusive, which I guess is kind of the point. Nevertheless, I'm this close to going insane and hitting to download the music to throw a lightswitch rave, a la The Cheat.

If nothing else happens today, maybe I'll dig up the computer department digital cameras and stick a long chatty new building photo post in [ profile] lincolnsudbury...
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Yesterday was salvage day at L-S. I got a map of the old school, which I have to figure out how to get home one of these days. Also, you know those huge boards they put up in the glass hallway in the back of the school after people fall through the windows and break them? I took one of those down, with some help. Didn't take it home, just took it out, because I'd kinda always wanted to. Let in sunshine and fresh air, and then, because I'm a total dork, I jumped in and outside a couple times through the hole. It was far more entertaining that it logically should be.

Also, they're repainting the crosswalks! Yay! That isn't even a sarcastic "yay", I'm seriously happy about it. Means I'm less likely to get run down while biking home, and possibly less likely to get beepedhonked at, as it is now excruciatingly clear where they are. (The crossing guard by that elementary school went away with the end of the school year, much to my disappointment.) Also, the crosswalks are all pretty and blue and white and stuff. :D Now if they'd just finish fixing the sidewalk by the high school, I'd be utterly overjoyed. -- The biking is also evidently doing me good besides getting me from point A to point B: according to my mother I appear to have lost some weight, and though Mom is wonderful at being reassuring at other points she's rarely positive about my health, so it's a rare thing to hear from her and relatively significant.

And my lovely geeky t-shirts came in the mail! Hurrah!
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Wow, I don't have to hate Yahoo mail any more. Thank you, Gmail and the power of peer pressure. :P

I'm enjoying work, more or less, though the initial appeal of boxes and boxes of pink plastic bubble wrap is kind of wearing thin. Also, the school is getting more and more depressing. It's always sort of skeletal over the summer, only the bare bones of staff left, heartbeat gone, and this entire sentence is ripped off of a silly perspective exercise from the creative writing journal I got back yesterday. More of the same. )

So I brought the big Fountain sign from the door to the annex home, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. (I actually have a poster of the old schedule that I grabbed last summer around here somewhere too.)
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So this afternoon's escapade at work-at-LS was going to be checking out Thoreau's Cabin, but it turns out the key the Daves (the tech guys) had wasn't actually the right one. It's a very pretty key, long and round and relatively thick (and certain parties who may read this -- you know who you are -- should get their mind out of the gutter right now) and rather old-looking, on a clip thing with a tag misleadingly labeled 'Thoreau's Cabin'. I think it might have been the right key, once upon a time, because there was a hole in the cabin door that looked like maybe it used to be a keyhole, back in the day, about the right size for the key in question. Unfortunately it appears you need a different and much more mundane key to get into the padlock on the door, something boring and smaller than my GM. Bah.

But that was okay anyways, because later we ended up checking out the steam tunnels under the school instead. Very neat, and not only because I'm incredibly easily amused, so I'm going to ramble on and on about it. )

Oh yeah -- one more entirely unrelated thing. My e-mail account appears to accept overdue notices from the library but strategically bounce notices saying that the book I requested has arrived. This would frustrate me even more if I weren't in the library half the days anyways...
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And also, "never going to see them again." It's kind of too big a statement to have any significance. I feel very Titanic here: "i'll never let go, l-s, i'll never let go." Or something. I'm sure any minute now I'll recall how crowded it was, how stupid people were, how much I should be glad it's over, but right now I'm stuck on laughing and smiling and hugging and am utterly convinced I'm never ever going to find another friend in the whole world 'cause they're all moving far far away.

(who wants to go see movies with me over the summer?)


May. 28th, 2004 09:48 pm
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So it's over.

I think this is maybe denial?

Hugged more L-S people than I have over the last three years combined. (Which actually translates to I think well under a dozen, but still.) Greeted enthusiastically at least one person who had no idea who I was. After long debate, wore both tassels on silly-looking hat. Wore impractical shoes despite the administration's repeated warnings. Did not fall while crossing stage. Have diploma in shiny case. Got lovely roses from parental units. Still have not quite realized that I think this means this is it. Except for the jamaica jammin post-grad celebration thing tonight -- but still. Over. Weird.

In a day or two or three I think I'll have more to say, once it sinks in. High school is over. What does that mean?
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I lied.

Trying to get seniors to move in straight alphabetical alternating boy/girl lines in an orderly fashion? Is evidently a whole lot like herding cats. Evidently graduation will be at Featherland even if it's pouring, rather than inside in one of the gyms or something, which is probably just as well because I'm sure the squishiness of trying to get ridiculous quantities of people in a small location would be just as bad as the squishiness of mud and rain and all that jazz. I hope it doesn't rain.

Senior barbecue was rather disappointing. I think less than half of the seniors were there, and the food was disappointing, especially the watermelon which my brother discovered bent, rubberlike, in all directions. (The fruit as well as the rind.) Which I don't think watermelon is supposed to do. Also, everyone ate inside in spite of the beautiful weather. Yes, I did too, because I'm a sheep. Shut up.

Also, if you block yourself on AIM, you can still send yourself messages. Um, not that I have any reason to know this. This sentence no verb. -- I really need to find something to do, huh?
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I don't deal well with change and I just can't shut up about this whole "high school's almost over, waaah" thing. Sorry. For your further entertainment (feel free to not click the cut tag) I now present: the same thing over again in free verse. )
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All right, how can I possibly be depressed that I don't have to go to school tomorrow? Honestly. Someone remind me of the things I *won't* miss about this place? All I can think of things I regret, and then I think about what I should have could have done to remedy them, and people I'll probably never see again and places that it would be so comfortable to just stay forever. Argh. And if I'm this bad now, can you imagine what a mess I'll be by graduation on Friday? I am so going to end up spending the Jamaica Jammin thing in a corner with the yearbook in tears. This is just completely absurd.


May. 22nd, 2004 04:33 am
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Except for this one little detail where somehow we left two hours late -- prom was wonderful, amazing, both the thing itself and the hangout time afterwards. One of the best evenings ever. Yes, I danced, in the sense of self-conscious awkward swaying motions that slowly progressed to less self-conscious awkward swaying motions. It wasn't spectacular, but it was okay. Food (very important) was good. Company was excellent. Pictures later, maybe. :)
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I now have lovely French-tipped nails. I probably shouldn't be typing yet, and I kind of have three overdue English assignments still to do tonight. Oops.

Contemplation: So I'm not really a prom-type person. I wear dresses only under duress, hair tends to be the practical ponytail, never wear makeup (unless you count Chapstick...?), my nails tend to be mangled from typing or guitar strings or however it is that I maul them during robotics, or just from nervous chewing (yeah, ew, I know) -- not really a girly-girl. I'm antisocial, I hate dancing, I spend a depressing quantity of Friday and Saturday nights at home. And maybe that's why I actually am relatively excited about tomorrow night -- just the sheer unusualness of the evening, and the fact that it's an excuse to do all the frilly things I can't be bothered with. *shrugs* Embarrassingly plausible, I think.

Came up with a lot of tripe and a couple decent things for my creative writing final project. One of the better of the lot. )
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It's kind of funny the things I stress about. Just a random, moderately boring anecdote that's probably only funny if you're me. )
Okay, maybe you had to be there. *I* thought it was pretty amusing.

Seven days of school left -- and that's counting the cruise and senior seminar day and senior skip day, and the MCAS days. It's very weird and also kind of creepy. The building's going to get knocked down, and we can't come back, and our bridges are ashes behind us or whatever.

And shoot, I'm missing Smallville! *runs away*
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It's nice when things work out. (More or less.)

Of that to-do list from a few days back:
Fountain maybes, layout, poetry reading stuff
AP exams
Creative writing -- progress has been made, six or seven pages of progress, including three or four that will be very painful to read since they're entirely in second person
Limo stuff (I am forever indebted to [ profile] grayrainbow and [ profile] circusrunaway)
Aquatic bio project -- half done, just need to throw in a couple pictures to hit the page count

New stuff on the list:
Cum laude banquet stuff (find something to read, get Mom to get tickets)
... There's something else, but I can't remember what.

So you say: how can just using the second person make a short story unbelievably annoying? Behold. )

And as promised, The most pretentious story in the whole wide world! [In which I attempt to do all those prose-poetry stunts labelled 'don't try this at home, kids,' and fail amusingly.] )


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