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So I'm really not a Star Wars purist -- I saw Episode 2 before I saw the original trilogy, which I like as movies but don't worship, they're not a central tenet of my childhood, and honestly I sorta liked the bright lights and loud noises and sound and fury of Eps 1&2, cause ooo shiny -- which means just because I really liked it you might not.

But it was pretty damn shiny. [Minor spoilers hidden within] )

Things blowing up! And spinning around! And being generally shiny! Hurrah!
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What happened to my weekend? Okay, I slept through a fair part of it, but still. I want my time back! :P

The Frosh Contingent watched the Little Mermaid on Friday night in our usual Nintendo lecture hall, which was thoroughly entertaining. I love Disney songs, and Under The Sea is one of my very favorites. And we were all surprised anew at the things that show up in kiddie movies that you don't notice when you're a kid. "Never underestimate the importance of body language?" Then [livejournal.com profile] liz_factorial and Gina and I went and bought Chicago tickets for the Saturday after finals week in May, which should be awesome and also an excuse to get dressed up and girly, which is fun every once in a while. Yay! We also investigated the hours of the Krispy Kreme in the Prudential -- open 5:30 am to midnight on weekdays, till 2 am on weeknights, which makes it a potential alternative target for up-so-late-it's-actually-early donut runs -- usually when we realize the sun is coming up and for some reason we're still awake we hit the Dunkin Donuts nearby, but this could be worth walking across the bridge at godawful hours of the morning. And I made the banana-chocolate chip cookies again, this time with more chips as well as the ground cloves that I didn't have last time, and they were yummy. And a few hours after that I finally got the payment (in cookies) for waking up at five am to hold a video camera for a few hours, so I'm now thoroughly cookied out for a while and also satisfied. And I got some work done, though not so much as I should have.

Utterly unrelated, but just begs to be shared -- a true work of genius: one-dimensional tetris.
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Saw the Phantom of the Opera movie with [livejournal.com profile] rainbwfairie -- loud and dramatic and fantastic. I loved it. You should all go see it so I won't be the only one humming the theme for the next month.


Oct. 29th, 2004 09:37 pm
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.dedolpxe tsuj niarb ym kniht I
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Somehow, I don't think "Interview with the Vampire" was intended to be nearly as funny as I found it. Itty bitty spoilers. You probably don't care 'cause you weren't going to watch this anyways. ) When it was (finally) over I decided I was going to go watch some Buffy in order to restore my faith in vampires, but I got distracted, as usual. Tomorrow. How did it get to be 2am all of a sudden?
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Haymarket is my new favorite place in the world. :D I now probably have more produce than I'll be able to eat before it goes bad -- and I eat lots and lots of fruit -- and it all cost in the neighborhood of ten bucks, including T fare to get out there and back. Peaches and raspberries and apples and pears and corn and potatoes and bananas, mmmm. I probably would have given in to the temptation to get even more if it weren't for the whole carrying it back thing. As it was, one of my peaches got bruised in my backpack and I've just had to make the huge sacrifice of eating it now. It's good.

I am, though, kicking myself for how much I spent at the Star Market on fruit on Wednesday -- for instance, today I bought two containers of raspberries for a total of less than half the price I spent on *one* container at the Star the other day. Oh well.

In other news, I saw Fight Club several nights ago -- a really good movie though made even stranger by the fact that one of the main characters looked eerily like someone I know. Also, I now have homework due in every subject I'm taking every Tuesday -- the written physics problem sets (as opposed to the less time-intensive online ones), calc problem sets, reading for MAS.110, and the chemistry problem sets that aren't exactly due but are tested on the Tuesday morning quizzes. I can tell my Monday nights are going to be really exciting. Not, of course, that I would dream of putting it all off that long. Not me.
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I really, really should start packing.

Instead, I'm watching all the kiddie movies that I'll feel too embarrassed to see once I'm a college student. (This summer doesn't count yet, right?) Went to see The Princess Diaries 2 with [livejournal.com profile] rainbwfairie yesterday -- it was really nice to see her and *sigh* reminds me of all the people I swore I'd get together with this summer, before this whole scattering for college thing happened, before I start getting swamped with classes and everything, and just didn't. The movie was adorable and lighthearted and okay, the musical number was maybe a little strange, but whatshisface the prince was cute and there was a happy ending, and really, what more can a girl ask for, right? Okay, plot, there was some plot -- predictable, especially if you've seen the ads -- and it was of course utterly devoid of deeper meaning beyond something suspiciously like "girls should always put love before careers", but one does not go to see movies with titles like "The Princess Diaries 2" if one is looking for deeper meaning. As a cute summer afternoon kind of movie, it was pretty good.

Then I grabbed the 2003 Peter Pan while reshelving at the library this morning, and it was even better. There were a couple of moments requiring industrial-strength suspension of disbelief -- but, well, I'm too cynical for my own good sometimes, plus I was watching it with four goofy siblings, so comments of "the planets are too close together" and "flying in a nightgown isn't such a good idea, is it?" probably were to be expected. But the movie was beautiful -- all the scenery and the costumes and just the whole look and feel were unbelievable, fairy-taley and lovely and if it weren't past midnight I'd be really, really tempted to stick the DVD in my computer and watch it again. Jeremy Sumpter, the kid who plays Peter Pan, was way cuter than any kid younger than my little brother has a right to be. And awwwww, thimbles. :D
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So I just got home from vacation in New Jersey, which was lovely. The beach was pretty and the ocean was warm and my younger siblings only spent one evening collecting and displaying dead jellyfish. :P It was overall relaxing and enjoyable and all sorts of other vacationy adjectives.

And now I'm home, and my stepbrother who is also headed to college this fall has pointed out that we leave in three weeks -- him in less than that, actually, and me in pretty much that precisely. I'm excited, yeah, but also a little bit terrified. And I have so much to do before I leave and so many people I want to see again, and then there are the people who I'll probably quite literally never see again, as they're moving Far Far Away as they begin college, and it's all horribly depressing, not to mention oh, my God, MIT, what if I'm not smart enough? I'm just some girl who's kinda good at taking tests, I'm not brilliant or accomplished, and sure they said I was bright in high school but that doesn't exactly set me apart... In spite of appearances this isn't a beg for flattery, really, just personal livejournal therapy. Feel free to forget this entire paragraph now. :)

So I get home, I drag my suitcase upstairs, and of course, I immediately plug in my laptop and start catching up online. :P E-mail first, which I'd only had the chance to check once over the past week, and then once all three accounts were checked I moved on to my friends-list. (Have pretty much given up on cut-tags and even sporadic commenting; skimming will have to do. Yes, I have no life, but there's a limit even for me.) Next will be webcomics. And then I'll do things like do my laundry, put my books back on the shelves, read my physical mail and flip my calendar... who, me, horrible set of priorities? Never.

Also: amusingness from a conversation in which aforementioned stepbrother, who gets paid to watch movies, explains why he didn't like Catwoman much. I suppose this might be a spoiler. But I gather the plot isn't supposed to be the main attraction of the movie anyways. )
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The weather was lovely yesterday, as expected, which made it an excellent choice for boating: motorboating specifically. Great fun, especially since my friend who was driving likes to go fast, particularly over waves and other boats' wakes. Whee! Saw a cormorant nest and seals sunning on the rocks but beginning to look vaguely uncomfortable and progressively wetter as the tide started to come in. And we went up on Cadillac Mountain, which was very scenic, and went to the tourist trap restaurant in Acadia National Park, which was crowded, exorbitantly expensive, but delicious. Saw Spiderman 2 on Tuesday night in a neat old theater, from balcony seats, which was also very cool. Ate chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream. Went shopping in Bar Harbor, through all the touristy stores, and obtained a sweatshirt and tank top and resisted the temptation to get a t-shirt with a skull and crossbones and the slogan "the beatings will continue until morale improves". Upon learning that I'd never seen a James Bond movie, my friend selected "Tomorrow Never Dies" from her extensive collection and we watched that, which was entertaining with many explosions and almost exactly what I expected, which was okay. I liked it enough that I'm tempted to start making my way through the rest of her Bond movies. :P Though I do seem to be losing all my random unique "I've never seen that" quirks. First Star Wars, now James Bond -- I'll have to come up with new bizarre things, I guess. Hey, I still haven't seen a Superbowl, that counts for something, right?
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Another public service announcement:

Okay, folks. I'm not quite sure what you're thinking here. Maybe it's that it's a public library and that makes it entirely yours. Maybe it's like more like seeing a page reshelving and going oh, look, she's a teenager and she looks just like Mary Sue down the street who we pay ten bucks an hour to watch Ethel and little Gertrude whenever Mommy and Daddy need a long evening of alone time. And yeah, it's true that your tax money does, after all, pay for the library and for my wages.

Tough. You STILL have to watch your own children. That's right, I'm not here to babysit your kids and prevent them from doing a little bit -- or a lot -- of creative reshelving. For one thing, I get paid, but I don't get paid *enough*. Got it? Good. Yeah.


Also, Josie and the Pussycats is another one of those so-stupid-it's-actually-somewhat-amusing-movies. Which may actually be the point. Although I just realized Rachael Leigh Cook looks eerily like [livejournal.com profile] wishiwereemo, which puts a different spin on the whole thing. :D

In other news, I'm going camping with The Family on Friday, which should be entertaining. ("For whom?" asked one of the librarians when I told her that. After some consideration, I've decided I meant for the neighboring campsites. I mean as long as they like loud arguments and don't mind not getting much sleep.) We're headed up to southern Maine in the afternoon, and after that I'm going to northern Maine to visit a friend, and, um, then I'm going back home again a week from Sunday. Whee!

And yay, interest meme! )

oh boy.

Jun. 10th, 2004 11:04 pm
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So it wasn't just me, right? Prisoner of Azkaban was too subjective to be spoilers, but cut anyway. )

I keep telling myself I'll get to bed early, since I'm hating mornings more and more. That is, I keep lying to myself, and I'm gullible enough to believe me. :P
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I think I might actually enjoy biking in the rain, but having to do it for transportation purposes totally ruins the fun. I really hope the weather clears up.

Also, movies. )

-- Actually I'm surprised I ended up with this much bold...
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It shouldn't be funny. It really shouldn't. It's kind of dumb, actually. And yet. In other news, this is unrelated, moderately tasteless, and also amusing. Also unrelated and random, but less funny, here's me on the political compass.

At some point soon I have to wake my brother up and convince him to drive me to work. I suspect he doesn't want to be woken up about as much as I don't want to go to work, so I'm putting it off. No, telling you about it won't change anything, but it's too late now. :P

Rented Return of the King and Matrix Revolutions last night with a friend who's temporarily home from college. Revolutions -- well, the shiny special effects appealed to me a lot. Still like the first one best, though. It's been ages since I read the LotR books or saw either of the earlier movies, so it was a couple minutes before I started remembering what was going on. Eating during the first few scenes was definitely a mistake, though. Ew. We also watched the Angel and Smallville season finales -- half a sentence of sort of spoilers ) -- for a grand total of I think seven hours of TV? Ah, well. It was fun.

I am so not going to talk about the graduation practice march thing that's happening this afternoon. Nope, not a word.
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Did the mall and movie thing with [livejournal.com profile] faerie16 today. Managed to find that one purple dress in the right size, and discovered that the Ella Enchanted movie has absolutely nothing to do with the book, but is decent nonetheless. I'm way too lazy to give the whole rundown since she already did, so if you're really curious, you know what to do...

Also, leftover poetry from the other evening. )
I swear I didn't mean to make it rhyme at all.
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I hate Daylight Savings Time. It's still ten o'clock in MY universe.

Also ... I had something vital to follow that also with. At least, it was vital to me. Then I got distracted (oooh shiny) and can no longer remember what it was. I hate that too.

Finished watching Neverwhere, which I did not hate, except in the sense of "now I want more, how come it's over?" I couldn't persuade myself (and my sister) to stretch out the neatness a little longer. So: wicked cool, though I thought spoiler ) I had such a tough time going back down to the (fluorescent lit) basement after that. Yes, I'm a wimp. I giggled at the frog thing, though, which I think might make me a pretty sick person. But it was funny!


Mar. 1st, 2004 04:06 pm
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Today's Fountain meeting started off with a discussion about discussing the Jesus movie. So I thought I'd pass this eloquent and helpful review along.


Nov. 5th, 2003 10:16 pm
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Just watched Rebel Without A Cause. I'd never seen it before... it was interesting. I don't want to say I liked it, because the word seems to imply more like "I liked Under the Tuscan Sun", woohoo, happy, light, frivolous -- and that wasn't this. But it definitely made me think, not least about how strangely the issues discussed are still around. Change the slang and the clothes and it's exactly like now. Go figure.

I'm really, really tired -- I slept through the fifteen minutes where quick spoiler ) -- but I'll probably have more to say about this tomorrow.

Why am I bothering to put spoilertags around information about a movie that's three times older than I am? Because I'm silly, and tired, that's why.
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I'd forgotten how much I love Labyrinth. Hurrah for eighties music, David Bowie, and muppets! And the pit of eternal stench! And Ludo! And Hoggle!

...My secret seven-year-old personality half is proving to be not so secret, hm?

One thing I noticed, though, was near the beginning of the movie, when everyone is getting Hoggle's name wrong, Sarah calls him Hogwart. Since J. K. Rowling has said she borrows interesting names whenever she hears them, I'll bet that's where the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry came from. It's definitely a strange enough word that it seems to stretch chance pretty far to call the two places it appears coincidence, right?
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